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WAIR is the first anti-pollution scarf at once aesthetic, comfortable, efficient even against the smallest particles of air. Scarves are accompanied by a smartphone application. The application SUP'AIRMAN by WAIR is free and for all. It informs you about pollution and lets you to know where and when you are in a polluted area and it would be better to wear your WAIR ... or change directions!

  • Anti-pollution snood - WAIR Quick view
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    Anti-pollution snood - WAIR

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    This pack contains 1 snood + 1 mask + 1 anti-pollution filter
    The WAIR snood becomes your ally for walking around the city with peace of mind. The WAIR anti-pollution masks stop 90% of pollution and pollen to a minimum, and offer you an excellent breathing for city biking.
    Indeed, it provides a high filtration efficiency and a morphological structure waterproof, comfortable and suitable for all faces.
    It filters the finest particles, up to PM0.1, at 90% minimum!
    The snood comes in 4 colors: black, gray, blue  and orange/blue

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  • Pack of 3 filters FFP2 / FMP2 Wair for... Quick view
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    Pack of 3 filters FFP2 / FMP2 Wair for...

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    The filters FFP2 are the refills for the Wair antipollution, antibacterial and antipollen masks.
    The FFP2 category provides an excellent breathing comfort as well as excellent filtration of fine particles. 99% of dust, bacteria and pollens are retained thanks to the very powerful filter made from activated carbon and polypropylene.
    This pack contains 3 filters.
    1 filter = 1 month of use.


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  • Scarf mask FFP2/FMP2 antipollution...


    Wair mask scarf is composed of a multi-layer filter to antipollution, antibacterial and antipollen.
    It filters 99% of air pollution, bacterias and pollens thanks its activated charcoal and polypropylene.
    Dust, bacteria and pollens are retained thanks to its powerful filter.
    Level P1 to brings you an excellent breathing comfort and a good filtration.
    This pack contains 1 scarf + 1 mask + 1 antipollution filter

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