Edward Bach developed the 38 Bach® Flowers between 1928 and 1935 in England.
Edward Bach was convinced hat the individual's state of mind played a vital role in maintaining a state of good health.
Since the 1930s, the 38 Original Bach® Flowers are made in England from Flowers, Wildflowers and Wildflowers.
Developed in 1936 by Edward Bach, the Rescue® blend is composed of 5 Bach® Original flowers that help ensure serenity for the whole family in all circumstances.

  • Star of Bethlehem: Comfort
  • Impatiens: Patience
  • Cherry Plum: Mastery
  • Clematis: Attention
  • Rock Rose: Courage

In the 1960s, from the research of Edward Bach, his Nora Weeks assistance develops the Rescue® cream. It is the first galenic form in external application. Rescue® Cream contains the 5 Original Rescue® Bach® Blossoms, plus Crab Apple, the flower of self-acceptance, to soothe the body and face.
According to him, it is better to be in emotional harmony to live serenely his daily life.
The method and place of manufacture have remained the same since 1936.

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  • Rescue cream 30gr BACH


    Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Cream 30g tube for topical application for burns, trauma, bruising, cracking

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    For all situations. To overcome the states of shock, panic, confusion.

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    Rescue Kids range Bach Flowers is a dietary supplement for beating stress and excitement of children. Its natural formula without alcohol addiction comfort and reassurance.

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