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  • ERGYDRAINE 250ml Nutergia Quick view
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    ERGYDRAINE 250ml Nutergia

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    Ergydraine from Nutergia laboratory is an oral solution containing meadowsweet, artichoke, cassis, sapwood linden, trace elements.

    Suitable for:

    • detoxify, support the elimination functions of the body
    • facilitate weight loss
    • to the changes of seasons (spring, autumn)

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  • ERGYEPUR Laboratoire Nutergia Quick view
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    ERGYEPUR Laboratoire Nutergia

    €15.26 -12% €13.43

    Dietary supplement based on Milk Thistle, Desmodium, Artichoke, Boldo and Trace Elements.

    Suitable for : 

    • hepato-bilary problems (slow digestion, dull complexion, etc.)
    • detoxification

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  • ERGYDESMODIUM Laboratoire Nutergia Quick view
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    ERGYDESMODIUM Laboratoire Nutergia

    €15.50 -12% €13.64

    Ergydesmodium is an oral solution of the Nutergia Laboratory based on desmodium adscendens and trace elements.
    Ergydesmodium promotes liver function thanks to desmodium. The trace elements complement this formula rich in selenium that helps protect cells against oxidative stress.
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  • ERGYDETOX 60 capsules Laboratoire Nutergia Quick view
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    ERGYDETOX 60 capsules Laboratoire Nutergia

    €17.01 -12% €14.97

    A dietary supplement based on plants, sulphur compounds, B vitamins and trace elements.

    Suitable for :

    • detoxification
    • renal elimination
    • to stimulate liver and biliary elimination

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  • Chlorella powder JARDINS D'OCCITANIE


    Chlorella powder JARDINS D'OCCITANIE is grown, harvested and processed in France.
    Chlorella is well known for its contribution in essential and varied nutrients: vegetable proteins, minerals, trace elements, micro fibers, vitamins, chlorophyll, sporopollenines.
    1 powder compact corresponds to a cure of 30 days of taking or 1 consecutive month.
    1 measuring spoon is supplied with the powder compact.

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  • Detox with organic birch LES 3 CHENES


    Detox with organic birch Les 3 Chenes combines organic birch juice and organic nettle.
    This presentation is an extra strong formula for a better elimination and detoxification.
    Birch supports the excretory functions of the kidneys.
    Nettle contributes to the elimination functions of the organism.
    This product is certified organic.

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  • Hepatic - draining organic infusion in sachets...


    Expert laboratory in traditional herbal medicine, exclusively in pharmacy.
    The harmonious balance of organic plants to promote the stimulation of liver, biliary and renal functions and purify the body of waste and toxins that clog the body.
    Product certified from organic agriculture.

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  • Organic milk thistle capsules NAT&FORM Quick view
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    Organic milk thistle capsules NAT&FORM


    Hepatic activation and regeneration.
    Organic milk thistle capsules from NAT&FORM laboratory.
    100% biodegradable packaging.

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