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  • Baume arôma - 100g of cream - MAYOLY-SPINDLER

    Adjunctive local treatment of pain of muscle origin and tendino-ligament.
    Starting from 7 years old.
    Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.
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  • VoltarenActigo 2% gel - 30g - GSK



    Benign trauma, sprain (strain), contusion
    VoltarenActigo 2% intense gel containing 2% diclofenac locally fights pain.
    Diclofenac penetrates through the skin and provides relief from pain.
    Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.
    Adult and teenager from 15 years old. Do not use with pregnant women.
    VoltarenActigo 2% intense gel is available in 30g tube.
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  • Voltarenplast 1% - GSK


    Pain can impact your daily life. VoltarenPlast provides effective pain relief. Left in place for 12 hours, VoltarenPlast releases its active ingredient gradually to relieve pain while remaining discreet thanks to its thickness of only 1 mm.
    It does not stain clothes and is convenient to use since it is extensible and self-adhesive on all its surface.
    1 box contains 5 medicated plasters. Not before 16 years old.
    Not for use by pregnant women.
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