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  • Quies wax earplugs Quick view
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    Quies wax earplugs


    Quies wax earplugs - box of 8 pairs.
    Quies earplugs are ideal for prolonged use (sleeping, resting, studying, etc.).

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  • Quies foam earplugs Quick view
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    Quies foam earplugs


    Quies foam earplugs - 3 pairs

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  • Ear drops with essences : excess of cerumen...


    The ear drops from Naturactive are a synergy of essential oils for the well being of the auricular sphere.

    • Promotes the removal of excess wax from the ear
    • Prevents its creation
    • Soften skin irritation and redness
    • Cleans and protects the ear canal

    Ear drops are a non-prescription medical device.
    Naturactive formulates its synergies with organic certified essential oils.

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