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Organic shampoo has selected for you certified organic shampoos available in pharmacies.

Among the brands of organic shampoo, some are oriented towards a formulation known as natural shampoo chemical free others towards an organic vegetable shampoo formulation, such as solid shampoos which are very popular today.

Euro-pharmas offers several brands of organic shampoo including Klorane which offers 100% biodegradable shampoos, Maison Berthe Guilhem certified Cosmebio. We also offer neutral shampoos from Bioderma research.

The best organic shampoo

Choosing the best organic shampoo will depend on the condition of your scalp.
Will the scalp be healthy or irritated. Is your hair long or short?
Buying an organic shampoo, a shampoo chemical free is a choice that requires expert’s advice.

Purchase organic shampoo is one that will have proven itself in the patient at time T.
Buying organic shampoo online gives you time to think about several things:
- How is the scalp?
- How is my hair?

Sensitive scalp

Several factors come into play in the appearance of a sensitive scalp. This is expressed by tightness, itching due to a diet more or less deficient in certain mineral salts including zinc.

Pollution, stress also promote these irritations. The whole results in a variation of the hair ecosystem and sebum production. Microbial multiplication will promote the thickening of the stratum corneum of the scalp. This will decrease oxygenation and promote the emergence of strains such as yeasts which multiply easily in oily scalp.

These various events reveal free radicals harmful to the hair follicles. The emerging hair becomes dull or brittle. Certain treatments or habits accelerate these phenomena, for example overly aggressive shampoos and an unbalanced diet, external aggressions such as the sun, swimming pool water, wearing a helmet or hat, or aggressive hair care such as brushing or too frequent colors.

Scalp care

What are the best scalp care? If the scalp does not have any dermatological condition noted by the doctor such as psoriasis or the presence of parasites such as lice, it is advisable to treat the scalp regularly with the application of mild shampoo or hair balm, to cut the hair in order to prevent the structure of the tips from having a neglected effect.

How to wash your hair well with a dry shampoo?

If your hair is oily, due to the presence of excess sebum, after an intensive sports session or exposure to the sun for several hours, you can opt for a dry shampoo that you apply before brushing. This will lighten the appearance of the hair. A mild shampoo that does not attack the scalp will be enough to remove excess sweat, sebum or dust.

Generally one to two shampoo(s) per week is enough to maintain the hair. Finally, applying a repairing mask will promote the sheathing of the hair fiber scales to protect the hair from external aggressions.

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    Oemine CAP - PHYBIOPHARMA is a supplement rich in zinc, which contributes to the maintenance of normal nails and hair.

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