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  • Cold feet warming cream AKILEINE Quick view
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    Cold feet warming cream AKILEINE

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    Akileïne cold feet warming cream helps to warm your feet thanks to its pleasant warming effect, fastly and durably.
    Suitable for people with Raynaud syndrome.

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  • Peeling cream AKILEINE


    Peeling cream Akileïne® smoothes and softens dry feet with calluses, rough or cracked heels.
    For very dry skin.

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  • Hydra-defense balm AKILEINE


    Hydra-defense balm from AKILEINE repairs, strengthens and protects the skin against damage.

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  • Nutri-repair cream for dry feet AKILEINE


    Nutri-repair cream for dry feet AKILEINE helps to restore the skin suppleness, softness and elasticity.

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  • AKILWINTER cream for face, hands and feet ASEPTA


    Akilwinter cream Asepta restores and prevents the skin from chilblains and frostbites.

    Its texture is specifically formulated for the skin of the face, hands and feet.

    It has a double effect:

    • soothing effect: calm itching and tingling, normalizes the structure of the epidermis.
    • preventive effect: protects the skin from the harmful effects of cold and humidity such as frostbite.
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  • CICALEINE balm for feet and heels ASEPTA


    The balm CICALEINE feet and heels is ideal to repair the crevices of the feet, heels and hands.
    50 ml tube

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  • Cream for hands and feet MAISON BERTHE GUILHEM


    This cream Multi-Defense Hands and Feet without water as first ingredient, prevent drying, nourish and soften dry hands.
    Its result in the middle of winter is exceptional.
    Certified Organic Cosmetics - Cosmebio Charter
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  • Deodorant feet black spray AKILEINE


    Akileïne® Foot & Shoe Spray has a triple action for foot comfort. It deodorizes it effectively to avoid bad smells. Also regulates excessive sweating leading to maceration. Its composition also makes it an enemy of microbial and fungal development.

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  • Dry powder spray myco-preventive AKILEINE


    Feet with strong perspiration prone to mycosis, prolonged wearing of shoes and boots.

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  • Anti-perspirant cream myco-preventive AKILEINE


    Feet with strong perspiration and prone to mycosis

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  • Melting balm Maison Berthe Guilhem Quick view
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    Melting balm Maison Berthe Guilhem

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    Traditionally used by gardeners, the melting balm is specially formulated to regenerate the particularly dry areas of the body (dry hands, crevices of the hands and feet, cracked heels callosities, elbows).
    The melting balm nourishes and repairs your skin durably, also applies to the dry and fluffy arms and legs.
    Today, this treatment is the partner of many chiropodists.
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  • Revivifiable beer yeast - 90 capsules - DAYANG


    Beer yeast contributes to the beauty of nails and hair.
    Beer yeast revivable at 445 mg per capsule.
    This product is a dietary supplement.

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  • Organic argan oil - Naturactive


    Argan oil certified organic by Ecocert.
    Main constituents: linoleic and oleic acids, vitamin E.
    Practical advice :
    For mature skin, dry or devitalized: Argan oil is traditionally known as anti-aging. Its regular use helps to maintain the tone and suppleness of the skin. Very penetrating, it is a very good vector for the diffusion of essential oils for cutaneous application.
    To privilege on a damaged skin.

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  • Hand cream 50ml BERDOUES 1902


    Moisturized hands, with a “velvety” touch
    Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, its formula protects, softens and nourishes the skin.
    There are no parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones or colorants. This hand cream is composed of 98% natural ingredients.
    Hands cream tube 50ml, made in France.
    A gentle and delicate floral bouquet
    The fragrance showcases a fruity freshness made of pear and blackcurrant, bolstered by floral heart notes of poetic Peony, suave Orange Blossom and luminous Ylang-ylang. These soothing, relaxing and contrasted scents reveal a refreshing spring escapade that ends on hearty Tonka bean and soft Cedar notes.
    Notes : Pear & Blackcurrant - Orange Blossom & Ylang-ylang - White Musk & Tonka Bean

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  • Hand cream with isatis tinctoria oil 30g-...


    Hand cream with isatis tinctoria oil and essential oils. Certified organic.
    Nourishes and protects the hands
    Fast penetration
    Scented with essential oils

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