Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts such as essential oils and essences. Essential oils have many therapeutic properties: anti-infectious, antispasmodic, relaxing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, fluidizing, expectorant, healing.

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  • RESCUE night pearl BACH


    We say yes to calm nights.
    How to be at peak fitness and feel rested and soothed after a restless night?
    It's time to say stop and reconnect with the serene nights thanks to Rescue® night. Composed of the 5 Bachflowers from Rescue® plus White-Chestnut Bach® Flower Original Serene Thoughts has quickly become the must-have for your quiet nights.
    Available in two different galenic, with or without alcohol the Rescue® night range adapts to all.

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  • PRANABB respiratory balm PRANARÔM


    Baby does not breathe very well? It seems cluttered?
    Use PranaBB Breathing Breath Easy Breathing, Pranarôm.

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  • Rescue cream 30gr BACH


    Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Cream 30g tube for topical application for burns, trauma, bruising, cracking

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  • Tegarome damaged skin Docteur Valnet


    Tegarome is a preparation with essential oils that repairs damaged skin by promoting the healthy and rapid regeneration of the epidermis.
    Tegarome is used to treat minor burns, jellyfish burns, sun burns, wounds, blisters, shocks, blows and hematomas, canker sores, insect bites. Tegarome will never disappoint you!
    Take Tegarome everywhere with you, on your travels, trips, week-end, holidays!

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  • Complex 'pure air with 11 essential oils... Quick view
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    Complex 'pure air with 11 essential oils...

    €9.71 -10% €8.74

    Complex Pure Air diffusion is a blend of 11 organic essential oils to diffuse to purify your interior.

    Organic EO of Badiane Organic EO of Mint spicata
    Organic EO of Atlas Cedar Organic EO of sweet orange
    Organic EO of Eucalyptus globular Organic EO of Rosemary cineole
    Organic EO of Lemon Organic EO of Tea tree
    Organic EO of Lavandin grosso Organic EO of Thyme thymol
    Organic EO lemony beds

    Certified Organic.

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  • Organic arnica maceration oil - 100ml - LADRÔME


    Calming and soothing, arnica oil helps soothe sensitized areas as well as dry and irritated skin.
    A favorite for athletes, it is very effective in local applications and in soothing, revitalizing and warming massages.
    Latin name: Arnica montana
    Bottle of 100ml.
    Organic and Ecological Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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  • PRANABB sanitizing diffusion PRANARÔM


    Pranarôm Diffuser - Sanitizer Mix contains 100% certified organic essential oils.

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  • Rescue spray 20ml BACH


    Do face to strong emotions and stress everyday of life.

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  • Rescue night drops BACH


    The famous drop account will also accompany your nights.

    The Bach Original® Rescue® Flower Blend, enriched with Bach Original® White Chestnut Flower, will help you to go to bed with a light heart.For a night's sleep natural and peaceful...

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  • Organic calophylle oil - 100ml - LADRÔME


    Very rich in omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids, the oil of calophylle is particularly recommended for the local esthetic care of the skins with problems, in particular in case of rednesses, crevasses, varices, rosacea ... Softening and protective, it calms , nourishes and promotes the regeneration of irritated, red and dry skin.
    It is also known to promote good circulation: it can be used in light massage in case of feeling of heavy legs.
    Latin name: Calophyllum inophyllum
    Bottle of 100ml.
    Organic and Ecological Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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  • Roll-on Slimness Fleurs de BACH


    The first roll-on with Bach flowers and essential oils. They soothe your daily troubles.
    To avoid succumbing to gourmet temptations.


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  • Rescue 10ml BACH


    For all situations. To overcome the states of shock, panic, confusion.

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  • Organic St. John's wort maceration oil - 100ml...


    St. John's wort oil is traditionally used for its calming properties in case of sunburn, minor burns, cuts, ...
    Applied locally, it effectively relieves reddened, irritated and damaged skin.
    In massages, it also helps soothe tension and relieve sensitized body parts.
    Latin name: Hypericum perforatum
    Bottle of 100ml.
    Organic and Ecological Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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  • Rescue kids drops BACH


    Rescue Kids range Bach Flowers is a dietary supplement for beating stress and excitement of children. Its natural formula without alcohol addiction comfort and reassurance.

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  • Nigella oil - 100ml - LADRÔME


    Beauty secret used by queens of Egypt, nigella oil, is known for its exceptional softening and regenerating virtues.
    It is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
    It also helps to soothe irritated or problem skin: pimples, redness, cracking...
    Latin name: Nigella sativa
    Bottle of 100ml.
    Organic and Ecological Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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  • Strong balm with arnica 100ml Maison Berthe...


    The strong balm of Maison Berthe Guilhem relieves muscular contractions and blows.
    You can use it also in preparation as well as in sport recovery.
    It contains organic arnica oil that relieves the body. The essential oils of wintergreen, helichrysum, laurel, rosemary and peppermint, reinforce the toning and relaxing effects.
    Organic evening primrose and shea butter oils guarantee optimal application.
    Its concentration of 5% arnica and 73% essential oil active ingredients guarantee optimal effectiveness for this balm.
    Certified Organic Cosmetics - Cosmebio Charter

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  • Organic borage oil MAISON BERTHE GUILHEM


    Developed with conscience and passion in the respect of the traditional tradition, thus preserving all the value of the fatty acids and the natural vitamins, the borage oil of the MAISON BERTHE GUILHEM is rigorously selected.
    Borage oil is rich in OMEGA 6, it promotes the suppleness and regeneration of the epidermis.
    Bottle of 100ml.
    Organic and Ecological Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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  • Organic argan oil - Naturactive Quick view
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    Organic argan oil - Naturactive

    €11.29 -10% €10.16

    Argan oil certified organic by Ecocert.
    Main constituents: linoleic and oleic acids, vitamin E.
    Practical advice :
    For mature skin, dry or devitalized: Argan oil is traditionally known as anti-aging. Its regular use helps to maintain the tone and suppleness of the skin. Very penetrating, it is a very good vector for the diffusion of essential oils for cutaneous application.
    To privilege on a damaged skin.

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  • Roll-on joints and muscles NATURACTIVE Quick view
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    Roll-on joints and muscles NATURACTIVE

    €13.21 -10% €11.89

    The Roll-on Articulations & Muscles Naturactive instantly relieves joints and muscles pain - acute or chronic (arthritis, tendinitis, rheumatism) - thanks to the cold effect of its formula.
    Thanks to organic essential oils of peppermint and wintergreen, it acts locally on tension zones for greater flexibility and mobility. Its triple ball brings you a massage and facilitates the application of the gel.

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  • Organic jojoba oil 100ml - LADROME


    Jojoba oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (eicosenoic acid).
    Certified organic by Ecocert.
    Traditionally used for :
    Care of oily skin.
    Hyperseborrhea of the scalp.
    Care of dry skin, irritated.
    Dry and brittle hair care.
    Cracks, crevices, wrinkles.

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  • Roll-on bumps NATURACTIVE Quick view
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    Roll-on bumps NATURACTIVE

    €6.75 -10% €6.08

    The roll-on bumps helps to calm the pain by the cold effect of its formula. It contains organic essential oils of italian helichrysum and peppermint and organic arnica extract.
    Convenient to use and easy to carry thanks to its pocket size!

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  • Massage oil with arnica - WELEDA


    Sports preparations and recoveries.
    A massage oil with organic arnica flower extract, formulated for sports preparation and recovery.
    An oil with incomparable glide, recommended by physiotherapists masseurs.

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  • Almond oil - Gifrer laboratory


    Cold-pressed virgin almond oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and contains vitamin E.
    100% natural oil.

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  • Red Tiger Balm - Cosmediet


    The red tiger balm is used externally to soothe musculoskeletal pain.
    It relaxes muscles and relieves contractures, its anti-inflammatory action is beneficial in the context of joint or tendon pain. It is used to calm the lumbar pain or related to the arthritis, the knee pains and other articulations ...

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  • OLEOCAPS+1 respiratory tracts PRANAROM


    OLEOCAPS+1 respiratory tracts Pranarom is a synergy of essential oils to maintain the health of the respiratory tracts.
    OLEOCAPS+1 is formulated from essential oils certified Organic Agriculture.
    Reserved for adults.

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  • Ear drops with essences : excess of cerumen... Quick view
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    Ear drops with essences : excess of cerumen...

    €7.75 -10% €6.98

    The ear drops from Naturactive are a synergy of essential oils for the well being of the auricular sphere.

    • Promotes the removal of excess wax from the ear
    • Prevents its creation
    • Soften skin irritation and redness
    • Cleans and protects the ear canal

    Ear drops are a non-prescription medical device.
    Naturactive formulates its synergies with organic certified essential oils.

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  • Dual Bronchi – NATURACTIVE Quick view
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    Dual Bronchi – NATURACTIVE

    €9.91 -10% €8.91

    Dual Bronchi Naturactive is a combination of eucalyptus concentrated extract of and 5 essential oils including thyme, lavender and peppermint essential oils which promote respiratory well-being.

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  • OLEOCAPS + 3 digestive comfort PRANARÔM Quick view
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    OLEOCAPS + 3 digestive comfort PRANARÔM


    OLEOCAPS + 3 digestive comfort PRANARÔM is a synergy of essential oils indicated in gut health.
    OLEOCAPS + 3 is formulated from essential oils certified Organic Agriculture.

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