Discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by an English doctor, Doctor Bach, Bach flowers are natural products made from wildflowers.

They allow to find well-being by balancing our emotional and physical states (especially in case of stress, fears, lack of sleep).

They are for anyone looking for a natural response to overcome the difficulties of everyday life.


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  • RESCUE night pearl BACH


    We say yes to calm nights.
    How to be at peak fitness and feel rested and soothed after a restless night?
    It's time to say stop and reconnect with the serene nights thanks to Rescue® night. Composed of the 5 Bachflowers from Rescue® plus White-Chestnut Bach® Flower Original Serene Thoughts has quickly become the must-have for your quiet nights.
    Available in two different galenic, with or without alcohol the Rescue® night range adapts to all.

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  • Rescue cream 30gr BACH


    Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Cream 30g tube for topical application for burns, trauma, bruising, cracking

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  • Rescue spray 20ml BACH


    Do face to strong emotions and stress everyday of life.

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  • Rescue night drops BACH


    The famous drop account will also accompany your nights.

    The Bach Original® Rescue® Flower Blend, enriched with Bach Original® White Chestnut Flower, will help you to go to bed with a light heart.For a night's sleep natural and peaceful...

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  • Rescue 10ml BACH


    For all situations. To overcome the states of shock, panic, confusion.

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  • Rescue kids drops BACH


    Rescue Kids range Bach Flowers is a dietary supplement for beating stress and excitement of children. Its natural formula without alcohol addiction comfort and reassurance.

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