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  • Tegarome damaged skin Docteur Valnet


    Tegarome is a preparation with essential oils that repairs damaged skin by promoting the healthy and rapid regeneration of the epidermis.

    Tegarome is used to treat minor burns, jellyfish burns, sun burns, wounds, blisters, shocks, blows and hematomas, canker sores, insect bites. Tegarome will never disappoint you!

    Take Tegarome everywhere with you, on your travels, trips, weekends, holidays!

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  • Complex 'pure air with 11 essential oils...


    Complex Pure Air diffusion is a blend of 11 organic essential oils to diffuse to purify your interior.

    Organic EO of Badiane Organic EO of Mint spicata
    Organic EO of Atlas Cedar Organic EO of sweet orange
    Organic EO of Eucalyptus globular Organic EO of Rosemary cineole
    Organic EO of Lemon Organic EO of Tea tree
    Organic EO of Lavandin grosso Organic EO of Thyme thymol
    Organic EO lemony beds

    Certified Organic.


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  • Complex' relaxation with 5 essential oils...


    Aromatic blend of 5 organic essential oils to offer you a moment of relaxation and relaxation.

    Organic EO of atlas cedar 
    Organic EO of lemon
    Organic EO of green mandarine
    Organic EO of sweet orange
    Organic EO of Ylang ylang

    Certified organic.

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  • Complex' sleep with 5 essential oils NATURACTIVE


    Blend of 5 organic essential oils for a calm and serene night

    Organic EO of lemon
    Organic EO of lavender
    Organic EO of lavandin super
    Organic EO of sweet orange
    Organic EO of petitgrain bigaradier

    Ecocert Certified Orange Blossom Perfume

    Certified organic.


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  • Strong balm with arnica 100ml Maison Berthe...


    The strong balm of Maison Berthe Guilhem relieves muscular contractions and blows.
    You can use it also in preparation as well as in sport recovery.
    It contains organic arnica oil that relieves the body. The essential oils of wintergreen, helichrysum, laurel, rosemary and peppermint, reinforce the toning and relaxing effects.
    Organic evening primrose and shea butter oils guarantee optimal application.
    Its concentration of 5% arnica and 73% essential oil active ingredients guarantee optimal effectiveness for this balm.
    Certified Organic Cosmetics - Cosmebio Charter

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  • Roll-on joints and muscles NATURACTIVE


    The Roll-on Articulations & Muscles Naturactive instantly relieves joints and muscles pain - acute or chronic (arthritis, tendinitis, rheumatism) - thanks to the cold effect of its formula.
    Thanks to organic essential oils of peppermint and wintergreen, it acts locally on tension zones for greater flexibility and mobility. Its triple ball brings you a massage and facilitates the application of the gel.

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  • Roll-on bumps NATURACTIVE


    The roll-on bumps helps to calm the pain by the cold effect of its formula. It contains organic essential oils of italian helichrysum and peppermint and organic arnica extract.

    Convenient to use and easy to carry thanks to its pocket size!


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  • Spray burns - 10 ml - NATURACTIVE


    Spray Burns moisturizes and soothes the skin with Thyme honey (its barrier function). It also contains essential oil of organic Bourbon Geranium.
    Convenient to use and easy to take!

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  • Red Tiger Balm - Cosmediet


    The red tiger balm is used externally to soothe musculoskeletal pain.
    It relaxes muscles and relieves contractures, its anti-inflammatory action is beneficial in the context of joint or tendon pain. It is used to calm the lumbar pain or related to the arthritis, the knee pains and other articulations ...

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  • OLEOCAPS 1 nose and throat 30 caps PRANAROM Quick view
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    OLEOCAPS 1 nose and throat 30 caps PRANAROM


    In regular treatments, OLEOCAPS 1 ensures the maintenance of a good health or protects you during more delicate periods (in winter, during the changes of seasons, passages of the hot cold). To quickly intervene on the throat or other areas of the respiratory tract, it is necessary to take up to 8 capsules a day to guarantee the beneficial and powerful action of the product.
    OLEOCAPS 1: the indispensable companion to keep you in good shape and in great health.

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  • OLEOCAPS 3 digestive health and liver function... Quick view
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    OLEOCAPS 3 digestive health and liver function...


    OLEOCAPS 3 stimulates digestion and intestinal function; helps to overcome bloated feeling and flatulence (peppermint, exotic basil, star anise or caraway).
    Contains cumin for the maintenance of optimal digestive comfort and peppermint for the maintenance of intestinal and digestive health.
    Take away OLEOCAPS 3 everywhere. They are ideally dosed and standardized, are devoid of smell and taste, and can quickly soothe the sensations of heaviness after a hearty meal. Used regularly or occasionally, OLEOCAPS 3 will become a natural reflex for those who want rhyming 'digest' with 'freedom'.

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