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Maison Berthe Guilhem makes handmade cosmetic treatments for the face, body, hair and organic soaps.

In the heart of the south of France, the family business Berthe Guilhem handmade cosmetic care for the face, body, hair and soaps surgras biological.

Alpine goat milk, known for its exceptional moisturizing and anti-aging properties, is the major component of our products.

True to its founding values, Maison Berthe Guilhem is committed to a respectful approach to health and the environment.

Faithful to her craftsmanship, she favors reflection and productivity. Uncompromising on the quality of its products and their safety, it guarantees a certified organic production, labeled Cosmebio.

  • Elixir de vinaigre des 4 voleurs 500ml Maison...


    Active formula and synergy of 11 biological active ingredients notoriously known and used for its antiseptic, invigorating and stimulating virtues. Ideal for the whole family, "vinaigre des 4 voleurs" is a must for your medicine cabinet.

    This product is formulated on plants from organic farming.

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  • Solid shampoo dry and damaged hair MAISON...


    This shampoo is used in frequent use mainly for dull and damaged dry hair.
    Obtained from a natural cleansing base with organic coconut oil and very mild surfactants, it respects the hair fiber.
    Its fortifying and stimulating action makes your hair soft, silky and revitalized.
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  • Strong balm with arnica 100ml Maison Berthe...


    The strong balm of Maison Berthe Guilhem relieves muscular contractions and blows.
    You can use it also in preparation as well as in sport recovery.
    It contains organic arnica oil that relieves the body. The essential oils of wintergreen, helichrysum, laurel, rosemary and peppermint, reinforce the toning and relaxing effects.
    Organic evening primrose and shea butter oils guarantee optimal application.
    Its concentration of 5% arnica and 73% essential oil active ingredients guarantee optimal effectiveness for this balm.
    Certified Organic Cosmetics - Cosmebio Charter

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