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  • Osteophytum patches LES 3 CHENES


    Osteophytum patches are formulated with plants and essential oils, to soothe sensitive joints, find flexibility and mobility.
    Find flexibility and mobility of muscles, tendons and joints.
    1 box contains 14 patches.

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  • Roll-on joints and muscles NATURACTIVE Quick view
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    Roll-on joints and muscles NATURACTIVE

    €13.21 -10% €11.89

    The Roll-on Articulations & Muscles Naturactive instantly relieves joints and muscles pain - acute or chronic (arthritis, tendinitis, rheumatism) - thanks to the cold effect of its formula.
    Thanks to organic essential oils of peppermint and wintergreen, it acts locally on tension zones for greater flexibility and mobility. Its triple ball brings you a massage and facilitates the application of the gel.

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  • Nutralgic 1000 SANTE VERTE Quick view
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    Nutralgic 1000 SANTE VERTE

    €6.49 -10% €5.84

    Nutralgic® 1000 is a natural anti-inflammatory, formulated with turmeric to maintain articulations flexibility.

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  • GCA 2700 - 180 tablets - SANTE VERTE Quick view
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    GCA 2700 - 180 tablets - SANTE VERTE

    €47.30 -10% €42.57

    For joint mobility:
    GCA 2700 contains turmeric which helps to maintain the flexibility of the joints and tendons.
    GCA2700® is a complex of 6 ingredients. Among them, Turmeric helps maintain healthy joints and maintain flexibility of joints and tendons. This asset is native to South Asia and has been used in India since ancient times.

    This pack contains 3 months of use including 1 month free.

    Shipping within 12 days worked
  • INFLAKIN - 30 tablets - 3C PHARMA


    Inflakin is a dietary suplement based on 7 plant extracts and highly dosed in turmeric.
    Usable in one-time or regular use, the Inflakin tablet is gastro-resistant, for a targeted release.

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  • Organic turmeric - joints mobility - 15...


    Food supplement based on dry extracts of turmeric and black pepper certified organic agriculture by Dayang.
    Turmeric is good for muscles and joints mobility, it helps to maintain healthy joints and bones.

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  • ERGYBASE Nutergia Laboratory


    Dietary supplement based on alkali salts and zinc.

    To be taken for : 

    • diet low in fruit and vegetables, hyper-protein diet
    • acid-alkali imbalance
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  • OLIGOMAX zinc - silicium 150ml Nutergia


    Oligomax zinc - silicium from Nutergia laboratory is a dietary supplement based on sodium-free concentrated sea water, standardised extract of french lithothamnium, sources of minerals and trace elements.
    Suitable for :

    • acid-alkali balance
    • joint comfort
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  • ERGYTOL – Nutergia


    Ergytol - Nutergia is a natural supplement against headaches, stiffness, painful periods, strokes.
    It can also be indicated in case of pain in the digestive system, respiratory tract.
    Reserved to adults.

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  • Lyprinol - 180 capsules - HEALTH PREVENT


    Lyprinol 180 capsules from HEALTH PREVENT laboratory is a product of the sea.
    It is an active lipid extract (50 mg of PCSO-524) of Perna canaliculus obtained by a process protected by 8 international patents.
    This oil contains a long chain Omega 3 fatty acid complex.
    Lyprinol is a dietary supplement with special properties that relieves, at any age and in any circumstance of life, pulmonary and joint problems as well as tendon disorders, prevention and active support.
    Made in Vendargues, Herault, France.

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