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  • Carboline vegetable charcoal 30 tablets - LES 3... Quick view
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    Carboline vegetable charcoal 30 tablets - LES 3...

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    Carboline from 3 Chênes laboratory is a natural food supplement based on vegetable charcoal and fennel.
    The charcoal is used in cases of bloating and intestinal gas, favoring digestive comfort.
    Fennel is known to facilitate the elimination functions of the body.
    Aniseed aroma.

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  • Intestinal comfort and liver - organic black... Quick view
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    Intestinal comfort and liver - organic black...

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    Intestinal comfort - liver with organic black radish from Les 3 Chenes is a food supplement that facilitates intestinal transit thanks to its extracts of black radish, fumitory and organic artichoke.
    This dietary supplement comes in the form of vials.
    Product certified organic agriculture.

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  • Transit SANTE VERTE


    Transit from Sante Verte laboratory is a rhubarb-based complex that contributes to the well-being of intestinal transit.
    Its formulated with bacterial strains (Lactobacillus acidophilus) as well as 5 plant extracts (including prune, artichoke and rhubarb) that contribute to the functioning of transit.
    This product is a food supplement, reserved for adults and teenagers over 12 years.

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  • Organic orange NAT&FORM TISANES


    Organic orange peel helps to stimulate appetite and aids digestion.

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  • Intestinal comfort - organic infusion in...


    Expert laboratory in traditional herbal medicine, exclusively in pharmacy.
    The harmonious balance of biological plants to facilitate the regular work of the intestine.
    Product certified from organic agriculture.

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    Ergyphilus Confort Nutergia is a probiotic supplement containing 5 strains of revivable lactic ferments dosed at 6 billion per capsule.
    It helps maintain the balance of the intestinal flora (also called intestinal microbiota). It promotes intestinal well-being.

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    Dietary supplement based on 4 strains of revivable lactic ferment dosed at 6 billion per capsule.

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  • Organic thumeric capsules NAT&FORM Quick view
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    Organic thumeric capsules NAT&FORM


    Relieve and soothe sensitive joint areas.
    Antioxidant digestive properties.
    Organic thrumeric capsules from NAT&FORM laboratory.
    100% biodegradable packaging.

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  • ERGYPROTECT CONFORT Laboratoire Nutergia


    Food supplement Fiber, Clay, Turmeric and Chamomile.

    Suitable for : 

    • digestive discomfort, notably stress related

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  • DIARILIUM for child 3 CHENES


    Special Diarrhea *: DIARILIUM® syrup is a complex of active ingredients specifically selected to stop frequent and loose stools*. It slows transit*, cleanses the digestive system*1 and promotes hydration*2 for fast and effective action !

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  • DIARILIUM adult 3C Pharma Quick view
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    DIARILIUM adult 3C Pharma

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    Special Diarrhea *: DIARILIUM® is a complex of active ingredients specifically selected to stop frequent and loose stools*. It slows transit*, cleanses the digestive system*1 and promotes hydration*2 for quick and effective action!
    * Blackthorn helps regulate (slow down) intestinal transit. 1The thyme contributes to a healthy digestion.

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  • Organic thyme NAT&FORM TISANES


    Double respiratory and draining action.
    Organic thyme leaves from the Nat & Form laboratory.

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  • L-Instina - 30 capsules - HEALTH PREVENT


    L-Instina from Health Prevent laboratory is a dietary supplement combining bovine lactoferrin and two strains of probiotics.
    For a restoration of the physiological functions of the intestinal flora and mucous membranes, intestinal infection, intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, antibiotics.
    Made in Vendargues, Herault, France.

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  • Activated plant charcoal - 45 capsules - DAYANG


    Dayang charcoal is a food supplement obtained by carbonization of coconut husks.
    It is then activated by a new steam heater which gives it a very high porosity to increase its gas absorption capacity.
    Activated charcoal promotes digestive comfort and helps reduce excess flatulence after a meal.
    Made in France according to rigorous procedures, the individual protection in blister of each capsule ensures an ideal conservation.

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  • ERGYBASE Nutergia Laboratory


    Dietary supplement based on alkali salts and zinc.

    To be taken for : 

    • diet low in fruit and vegetables, hyper-protein diet
    • acid-alkali imbalance
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  • Carboline Digest oral solution LES 3 CHENES Quick view
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    Carboline Digest oral solution LES 3 CHENES

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    Carboline Digest from les 3 Chenes laboratory is indicated in case of digestive discomfort and bloating.
    Thanks to its complete formula and powerful dosages, Carboline Digest reduces digestive discomfort such as bloating. It provides a feeling of freshness and immediate well-being.

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  • My'cokyl - 90 tablets - Kousmine Fondation


    Food supplement based on Garlic, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Essential Oils.
    Suitable for : intestinal defense

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  • Eau de melisse des Carmes Boyer


    L'Eau de melisse des Carmes Boyer is a natural remedy from the oldest present in pharmacies.
    It combines the benefits of fourteen medicinal plants and nine spices.
    Comforting and invigorating Eau de melisse des Carmes Boyer is ideal against digestive disorders, moments of fatigue and motion sickness.
    Available in 40ml, 50ml and 100ml.

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    In certain situations (heavy meals, unbalanced diet, difficulty digestion), it may be worthwhile to give a boost to one's digestive abilities.

    Digebiane RFX is composed of:

    - papaya extract, chosen for its ability to facilitate digestion.
    - Melissa extract, pineapple powder, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

    Digebiane RFX is particularly recommended at the end of a copious meal or during a difficult digestion, responsible for nocturnal awakenings.

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  • LACTIBIANE Reference 30 caps PILEJE Laboratory


    Lactibiane Reference from PILEJE Laboratory contains 4 microbiotic strains dosed at 10 billion per capsule or sachet of 2.5 g and 20 billion per capsules.

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  • CurmiFlash - 30 caps - Yvery


    CurmiFlash is a dietary supplement based on turmeric longa without the addition of piperine. Its formula is patented.
    Turmeric Longa is a root with recognized properties.
    Gastrointestinal protector and powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric is especially recommended for seniors and athletes.

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    Adjunctive treatment of diarrhea, in addition to dietary measures.

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  • Ultra levure 100mg box of 20 bags

    LOGO MEDICAMENT ENG.jpgAdjunctive treatment of diarrhea, in addition to dietary measures.
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