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  • Propolis throat spray 3 CHENES


    Propolis spray throat: practical, nomadic and indispensable!
    By its specific complex of propolis, thyme and mint essential oil, Popolis throat spray is your best ally.

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  • Propolis syrup 200ml 3 CHÊNES


    The winter syrup of the whole family!
    This syrup is a specific complex of propolis, acerola, thyme and essential oil of peppermint.

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  • EFIRUB Laboratoire 3C PHARMA


    Nose, throat, bronchi ... from the first signs, we must act! A cold snap can have consequences on your health and put you flat!
    EFIRUB® is a concentrate of active ingredients including echinacea that supports the natural defenses and thyme to facilitate breathing.
    Food supplement, from 36 months.

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  • Propolis bulbs 3 CHENES


    Propolis Bulbs laboratories 3 Chenes, rich in vitamin C and propolis, restores tone and strengthen your immune system.

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  • Royal jelly 1000 3 CHÊNES Quick view
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    Royal jelly 1000 3 CHÊNES

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    A pure concentrate of nature!
    Change of season? Treat yourself to the benefits of hive products!
    A rare and precious gift of nature, Royal Jelly 1000 3 Chênes® is a concentrate of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids ... Royal Jelly 1000 3 Chênes® became the preferred dietary supplement of the whole family.

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  • ACTIRUB nose and throat 15 tablets SANTE VERTE


    Actirub Nose and Throat 15 tablets from Santé Verte support immune system during winter time.
    Actirub Nose and Throat is a complex of agents, relieves disorders of the ENT sphere. It contains in particular:

    • Echinacea, helps support immune system during winter periods;
    • Andrographis, which helps to naturally reduce respiratory problems;
    • The essential water of Eucalyptus, which has a soothing effect on the throat and pharynx.

    Actirub Nose and Throat is a dietary supplement reserved for adults.

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  • Propolis suckable tablets 3 CHÊNES


    Make the choice of naturalness!
    Propolis is a substance collected by bees to protect the hive from external aggressions.
    PROPOLIS lozenges are formulated with propolis, thyme, menthol and vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.
    No added sugar.

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    Food supplement containing 11 vitamins, Zinc and Chrome.

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  • ERGYMUNYL drinkable solution Laboratoire Nutergia


    Dietary supplement based on Echinacea, Achilles, Plantain, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Olive and trace elements.
    Suitable for:

    • support the immune system (ideal for changing seasons in spring and fall to prepare for winter)
    • respiratory tracts
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    Food supplement containing lactic
    L. rhamnosus GG, L. fermentum and B. infantis

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    Dietary supplement based on 4 strains of revivable lactic ferment dosed at 6 billion per capsule.

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  • IMMUCHOC - 15 tablets - Laboratoire PILEJE


    Immuchoc is a dietary supplement based on Porphyral HSP®, Eleutherococcus extract, Eucalyptus extract and Vitamin C.
    Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and reduces fatigue.

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  • Organic echinacea capsules NAT&FORM Quick view
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    Organic echinacea capsules NAT&FORM


    Strengthens the immune defenses.
    Organic echinacea capsules from NAT&FORM laboratory.
    100% biodegradable packaging.

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  • ACTIRUB child syrup SANTE VERTE


    Actirub child syrup - orange taste and honey
    Complex of 11 active ingredients including 8 plants and propolis for immunity during winter periods.

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  • ACTIRUB child sachets SANTE VERTE


    Actirub Child in Green Health Packs is a food supplement that consists of a synergy of 10 ingredients.
    This product is the ideal ally for the immunity of your child to face the winter periods.
    This product is available in 2 flavors: apple or raspberry. You can choose it below:

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  • ERGY D Laboratoire Nutergia


    Dietary supplement based on vitamin D3.
    In case of :

    • winter period or lack of sunshine
    • for children in times of growth
    • maintenance of the skeleton (senior, menopause)
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  • LACTIBIANE ALR - 60 tablets - Laboratoire PILEJE


    Food supplement based on microbiotic strains and extracts of rosemary and onion.
    Lactibiane ALR is composed of:

    • rosemary that contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system
    • quercetin, onion extract
    • of a microbiotic strain, Lactobacillus salivarius LA302, assayed at 4 billion per capsule.

    1 box contains 30 white capsules and 30 yellow capsules.

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  • Rhinallergy - 30 tablets - BOIRON


    Allergy treatment.
    Rhinallergy is a homeopathic medicine traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of transient allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and transient allergic conjunctivitis.
    From 6 years old.

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  • Propolis - 20 lozenges - DAYANG


    Propolis tablets to suck.
    Food supplement based on french propolis and vitamin B2.
    Propolis is produced by bees to protect the hive from external aggressions.
    As part of apitherapy, the propolis method is used to prevent and control viruses by using products derived from bees such as honey, pollen, royal jelly and wax.
    Lemon honey taste.

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  • Normalite 1000 - 30 capsules - Codifra Laboratory


    NORMALITE 1000 is a food supplement based on ginseng, acerola, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
    NORMALITE 1000 acts against fatigue and strengthens the immune system.
    Magnesium and vitamins C, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12 help to reduce fatigue.
    Magnesium and vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B8, B12 and iodine contribute to a normal energy metabolism.
    Selenium, zinc and vitamins C, D, B6, B9 and B12 contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.
    Ginseng helps to reduce fatigue and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

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  • ERGYBIOL Laboratoire Nutergia


    ERGYBIOL is a dietary supplement based on seawater from the Salins du Midi and French lithothamne extract, sources of minerals and trace elements.
    Improved formula for better tolerance.
    Suitable for:

    • general well-being
    • seasonal supplementation
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  • OLIGOMAX Manganese - copper - Laboratoire Nutergia


    Food supplement based on seawater Salins du Midi and French lithothamne extract, sources of minerals and trace elements.
    Suitable for:

    • immune system
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  • Natur'alkyl - 90 tablets - Kousmine Fondation


    Dietary supplement based on alkylglycerols.

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  • D3 Biane - 30 tablets - Laboratoire PILEJE


    Food supplement based on fish oil and vitamin D3.
    Vitamin D has the distinction of being both provided by our diet (for a third) and synthesized by our body by exposing our skin to sunlight (two-thirds). This specificity explains the frequent deficits in vitamin D during the winter or for people not exposing themselves to the sun.

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  • Organic royal jelly - 30 vials - THE 3 CHENES


    1200mg of organic royal jelly
    1000mg of organic honey

    The natural fortifier for tone and energy!

    Organic royale jelly combines all the strengths :

    • organic royal jelly, the exclusive food of the queen bee throughout its life, royal jelly has been a precious treasure for millennia. Traditionally known for its richness in peptides, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins of group B.
    • organic honey made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Organic honey is rich in carbohydrates easily and directly assimilated by the body.


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  • Elixir de vinaigre des 4 voleurs 500ml Maison...


    Active formula and synergy of 11 biological active ingredients notoriously known and used for its antiseptic, invigorating and stimulating virtues. Ideal for the whole family, "vinaigre des 4 voleurs" is a must for your medicine cabinet.

    This product is formulated on plants from organic farming.

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  • OLEOCAPS 1 nose and throat 30 caps PRANAROM Quick view
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    OLEOCAPS 1 nose and throat 30 caps PRANAROM


    In regular treatments, OLEOCAPS 1 ensures the maintenance of a good health or protects you during more delicate periods (in winter, during the changes of seasons, passages of the hot cold). To quickly intervene on the throat or other areas of the respiratory tract, it is necessary to take up to 8 capsules a day to guarantee the beneficial and powerful action of the product.
    OLEOCAPS 1: the indispensable companion to keep you in good shape and in great health.

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