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Discover our supplements to lose weight, high quality products

You have tried everything to lose weight ? Don't waste your time anymore. 

There are various ways to lose and gain weight : an emotional shock, physical activity, a diet… There are healthy processes to help losing some extra kilos and avoid certain pathologies. The slimming supplements can help for an effective weight loss while being accompanied by a sport activity and a healthy diet. 

Euro-pharmas offers you a convinient and effective solution to help you lose the weight you want.

An interesting product : the supplement for an effective weight loss.

Our best products are supplements for weight loss, which helps burn fat when accompanied by a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Trust our supplements for an effective diet ! Mincinov with it natural formula, takes care of capturing fats and sugars in food in order to act directly on them. With these medication for weight loss, you will see your appetite decreasing. After taking these tablets, it is strongly recommended to continue with Lipophedrine : this treatment will allow you to evacuate the fat previously transformed by Mincinov.

The reviews on this product are very positive : it’s generally appreciated by Internet users for its effectiveness. No need for tricks and "miracles" that will ultimately bring nothing good. 

Our site sells natural slimming supplements and puts at your disposal various natural and organic products for your body. Before any use of the supplements, you must read the instructions first.

Our online pharmacy offers natural products to lose weight 

We offer natural products to lose weight simply. You deserve to have the best treatment for your body : products which will fit you, recommended by specialists. The origin of our products is controlled. Our site sells natural slimming supplements and puts at your disposal many pharmaceutical products. We wish to be close from you and thus advise you in your daily life by telephone or by mail. 

We deliver within 48 hours in France and within 5 days in Europe, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Canada and Australia.

Our online store is held by the Pharmacy Isabelle Lagarde in the Pyrénées ariégeoises. Professionals will be able to advise you on your every treatment. The payments are 100% secure in order to offer you an optimal comfort.

How do slimming supplements work ?

The slimming supplements, as indicated in the name, serve as an accompaniment in the slimming process. 

There are several types of fats : white, brown and beige. Our best supplement for slimming works actively on the principle of fat elimination. There are subcutaneous fats which are directly under the skin as well as visceral fats which are lodged deeper in our body. 

Our products for weight loss will mainly focus on white fats which are known as "bad" fats and are also the most well-known. White fats are the result of a storage of calories, due to an excess of food, which do not remain indefinitely. Indeed, they can be changed into energy through physical activity or prolonged fasting (the latter method is extremely aggressive for the body and can lead to various weight problems, not to be practiced without real monitoring). White fat can lead to obesity, which is why our natural products for slimming focus more on them. It is necessary to maintain a physical activity in order to avoid the accumulation of fats and not to be exposed to various pathologies. 

Our natural medication for weight loss act on this type of fats. By transforming white fats, these supplements contributes to create new fat : the beige fat, recently discovered. Supplements are mainly based on this principle in order to burn fat more quickly. Sport is an effective way to make this transformation. There are many ways to gain weight : family predisposition, stress, depression, hormonal imbalance, a sedentary lifestyle, diet and the effects of age. 

Trust our herbal remedies for weight loss. All cases of weight gain are different, so we have decided to provide you with innovative natural products that will suit everyone. We are rediscovering methods to limit obesity in the world and the diseases that can be linked to this excess weight. 

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  • Detox and slimming gummies - UPSA & NOURISHED

    Detox and slimming gummies - UPSA & NOURISHED


    UPSA NOURISHED detox and slimming gummies promote the elimination of toxins and fats.

    • sugar-free
    • vegan
    • gluten-free
    • no artificial coloring
    • natural flavor
    • fruit pectin
    In stock
  • Mincinov - weight loss LES 3 CHENES
    • On sale!
    • -10%

    Mincinov - weight loss LES 3 CHENES

    €14.17 -10% €12.75

    True scientific innovation in the field of thinness, Mincinov Les 3 Chenes uses a unique mechanism of action, resulting from the latest research. It allows the transformation of white, beige and brown fats.

    • Degrades installed fat : Capsaicin stimulates the oxidation of fat and burns fat.
    • Captures Fats and Dietary Sugars : Chilli contributes to weight loss.
    • Decreases appetite : Nopal absorbs fat and sugar, helps control glucose levels and reduces appetite.

    This complex is highly dosed 2014 mg of ingredients per intake.
    For optimal efficiency it is recomended to use Mincinov in cure of 1 month is 2 boxes.

    ***Euro-Pharmas summer sale from 04/17/23 to 08/31/24 ***

    For 1 box purchased = get the 2nd at -50% or €11.21 per box

    instead of €14.95

    In stock
  • Mincinov extra-fort 3C PHARMA
    • On sale!
    • -10%
    • New

    Mincinov extra-fort 3C PHARMA

    €18.91 -10% €17.02

    Mincinov extra-fort 3C PHARMA is an unique combination of patented assets.
    Mincinov extra-fort is an exclusive formula of plants with Thermogenic and Liporeduction actions giving unequaled results.
    1 box contains 80 capsules.

    In stock
  • Lipophedrine - fat excess - Laboratoire 3C PHARMA
    • -10%

    Lipophedrine - fat excess - Laboratoire 3C PHARMA

    €18.91 -10% €17.02

    Lipophedrine from 3C PHARMA laboratory is an unique combination of patented assets.
    Lipophedrine is an exclusive formula of plants with Thermogenic and Liporeduction actions giving unequaled results.
    1 box contains 80 capsules.

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  • Organic slimming complex 20 vials - DAYANG

    Organic slimming complex 20 vials - DAYANG


    Organic slimming complex 20 vials - DAYANG is a supplement intended to contribute to weight loss. It combines the properties of the ascophyllum nodosum algae, green tea and mate. 

    20 bulbs for a 20 days cure.

    In stock