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Treat urinary tract infection (UTI) without antibiotics

In order to treat a urinary tract infection (UTI) without antibiotics it is first important to know if you are really affected by an urinary tract infection UTI. has selected the Exacto urinary infection test. This test is designed to be clear, simple and reliable. It controls 4 parameters: leukocytes, nitrites, blood and proteins. Used at the first signs of irritation or urinary discomfort it allows the early detection of urinary tract infection.

After impregnating the strip, compare it after 2 minutes with the colorimetric strip supplied with the test. This test is designed for persons sensitive to chronic urinary tract infections or suffering from pathologies requiring regular urine monitoring. Indispensable for women and for pregnant women, they are potentially more susceptible to urinary tract infections. Its practical format will allow you to easily slip it into your bag so that you can take the test quickly wherever you are.

Urinary infection essential oil

In case of urinary tract infection, essential oil may be indicated. The essential oil in case of cystitis acts strongly. has selected the Naturactive Urisanol Flash. This product is presented in the form of an essential oil capsule for urinary tract infection. This original combination contains cranberry extract and 5 essential oils. This natural treatment combines the essential oils of peppermint, cloves, thyme, lavender and ceylan cinnamon. Indicated twice a day during 5 days, it cleanses the bladder and will be a natural treatment for point cystitis.

Finally to avoid the recovery of urinary discomfort Naturactive Urisanol Gélule is a supplement based on cranberry extract from North America which is advised to take for a month with a glass of water in the morning for example.

Natural remedy for cystitis has selected from Les 3 Chênes laboratory a natural remedy for cystitis based on plant extract : Gystinat.

This supplement contains heather. This plant is known to promote kidney elimination. Associated with thyme, this synergy sanitize the urinary sphere. It will help to limit the risk of UTI.

Natural treatment for cystitis

Subject to urinary discomfort and looking for a natural treatment for cystitis?

Recurrent cystitis may be due to an imbalance in the intestinal sphere. In fact, when the intestinal sphere is in good health, the cells are attached to each other. They maintain an impermeable wall inside the intestinal sphere. These disturbances have been highlighted by numerous studies from around the world. Researchers have defined what is now called dysbiosis.

This term demonstrate an imbalance or poor microbial adaptation of the intestinal microbiota. For example, the intestinal flora can become disturbed with dominant and supplanted species.

When there is dysbiosis in the intestinal sphere, nutrients are no longer properly assimilated. This dysbiosis causes different pathologies like allergies, deficits of the immune system, infections.

When the intestinal flora is unbalanced, it can cause dysbiosis. Dysbiosis can be the cause of these cystitis and recurrent urinary tract infections.

In France, Nutergia laboratory, in specialized with the development of formulas for supplements based on probiotics (bacterial strains specially selected and preserved according to very strict protocols). This laboratory offers various regenerating programs including a subtantive program particularly effective in reducing dysbiosis.

It is composed of two products: Ergyphilus intima and Ergycranberryl.

Ergyphilus intima is a probiotic specifically formulated to reseed the microbiota of the intestinal flora. It brings a synergy of 5 revivable strains which during their absorption in the morning contributes to the maintenance of the intestinal flora.

Ergycranberryl is a drinkable solution indicated for urinary comfort and renal elimination.

Find all natural products to maintain or revive the urinary sphere, without prescription and online, on the website. For all additional inquiries, contact Isabelle Lagarde pharmacy.

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  • Femannose cystitis and urinary infections -...
    • New

    Femannose cystitis and urinary infections -...


    Femannose cystitis is a medical device indicated for the treatment and prevention of cystitis and other urinary infections. Femannose offers a unique formula.

    Recommended for men and women aged 14 and over.

    In stock
  • ERGYPROSTA men's prostate 60 tablets NUTERGIA

    ERGYPROSTA men's prostate 60 tablets NUTERGIA


    ERGYPROSTA 60 tablets from NUTERGIA is a dietary supplement containing herbal extracts, vitamins and trace elements. This natural and complete formula will improve your comfort.

    Used for :

    • Prostatic functions
    • Urinary comfort
    • Masculine well-being

    Ergyprosta is recommended for the maintenance of good prostatic and urinary functions, as well as for a better sleep and the maintenance of the libido. You will gradually feel an improvement in your quality of life.


    In stock
  • Ergyphilus intima - NUTERGIA
    • -20%

    Ergyphilus intima - NUTERGIA

    €19.72 -20% €15.77

    Ergyphilus Intima Nutergia is a supplement indicated for urinary comfort :

    • rebalances the vaginal and urinary ecosystem,
    • can be used associated with a prescription for antibiotics or antifungals.

    It is composed of 6 living lactobacillus and bifidobacteria revivable strains, dosed at 6 billion per capsule (not micro-encapsulated).
    This product is gluten free, soy free, titanium dioxide free.

    In stock
  • Prostate - man urinary comfort - Sante Verte

    Prostate - man urinary comfort - Sante Verte


    Male urinary comfort.
    In their fifties, men may experience urinary discomfort, often related to the natural aging of the prostate.
    Capacity: 60 tablets - up to one month of use.

    In stock
  • Prostadim prostate - PRESCRIPTION NATURE

    Prostadim prostate - PRESCRIPTION NATURE


    Prostadim is a food supplement specifically formulated for urinary comfort in men.

    • contributes to the maintenance of the bladder and the prostate in men over 40 years of age.
    • supports men urinary comfort.
    Out of stock
  • ERGYCRANBERRYL urinary discomfort Laboratoire...

    ERGYCRANBERRYL urinary discomfort Laboratoire...


    Food supplement based on Cranberry, Hibiscus, Solidago, Heather, Horsetail, trace elements.
    Suitable for urinary comfort

    In stock
  • Gystinat Flash urinary disorders - LES 3 CHENES

    Gystinat Flash urinary disorders - LES 3 CHENES


    Gystinat Flash urinary disorders - LES 3 CHENES is a supplement containing a complex of active ingredients derived from plants, D-manose as well as lactic ferments. This Flash program can be used as soon as urinary disorders appear.

    Gystinat Flash contributes to :

    • urinary elimination
    • support kidney function
    • guarantees a supply of 2 billion lactic ferments.
    In stock
  • Gystinat Fort urinary troubles - LES 3 CHENES

    Gystinat Fort urinary troubles - LES 3 CHENES


    Gystinat fort urinary troubles - LES 3 CHENES acts on urinary discomfort.

    Gystinat Fort is formulated from 6 plant extracts: cranberry, mauve, thyme, blueberry, heather, marshmallow.

    • the action of cranberries on microbial germs has been evaluated by numerous clinical studies,
    • thyme contributes to cystic protection, thanks to its microbial properties.
    • heather is recognized for its draining action which promotes renal and urinary elimination of water.
    In stock
  • Urisanol sticks cranberry - NATURACTIVE

    Urisanol sticks cranberry - NATURACTIVE


    Urisanol cramberry is a food supplement indicated in case of a urinary disorder.

    Urisanol sticks is used to prevent cystitis (urinary tract infection).

    The advantage of Urisanol stick: each sachet-stick contains 36 mg of ProAnthoCyanidins (PACs), 1 stick per day is sufficient.

    In stock
  • Urisanol Flash 20 capsules - NATURACTIVE

    Urisanol Flash 20 capsules - NATURACTIVE


    Urisanol Flash Naturactive is a supplement with highly dosed with cranberry and 5 essential oils to enhance women urinary comfort. Take a cure Urisanol Flash in prevention of the crises and in the event of inconvenience of urinary disorders with repetition.

    1 box = 5 days cure to do so, take 2 capsules of cranberry and 2 capsules of essential oils during 5 days in the morning and evening.

    Product available for orders
  • Urisanol 30 capsules NATURACTIVE

    Urisanol 30 capsules NATURACTIVE


    Urisanol Naturactive is a supplement with cranberry basis specially elaborated to enhance the urinary comfort of women.
    Highly dosed in cranberry. Contains 36 mg of ProAnthoCyanidins (PAC).

    In stock
  • Physionorm Cranberry - IMMUBIO
    • -10%

    Physionorm Cranberry - IMMUBIO

    €20.00 -10% €18.00

    Physionorm Cranberry - IMMUBIO is a combination of cranberry, 3 microbiotic strains and vitamin B2.

    Physionorm Cranberry is indicated:

    • to prevent urinary tract infections,
    • to prevent recurrence
    • to relief urinary tract irritations.
    In stock
  • Urinary comfort flash & stop 15 capsules - DAYANG

    Urinary comfort flash & stop 15 capsules - DAYANG


    Flash & stop urinary comfort – DAYANG is a food supplement based on plant extracts and probiotics acting in synergy to relieve urinary discomfort related to urinary tract infection:

    Flash & stop urinary comfort contains:

    • Piloselle, traditionally used for its action helping to maintain the health of the urinary system, combined with Cranberry, Heather and Orthosiphon, for optimal action
    • 3 probiotic strains to rebalance the flora

    Box of capsules for a 4-day flash cure.

    In stock
  • Organic Cranberry 15 capsules - DAYANG

    Organic Cranberry 15 capsules - DAYANG


    Organic Cranberry 15 capsules - DAYANG is a supplement formulated with organic Cranberry.  This plant is traditionally used to contribute to female urinary comfort. 

    Indeed, the cranberry berries contain active ingredients such as proanthocyanidins (especially type A) and flavonoids. These first active ingredients have an essential role because they allow, among other things, to limit the adhesion of the uropathogenic bacteria on the bladder and vaginal walls. 

    Thus, they contribute to prevent urinary discomfort. The interest of the cranberry is recognized by the french High Authority of Health.

    In stock