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  • Test for urinary tract infection Exacto BIOSYNEX


    The test for urinary tract infection Exacto BIOSYNEX detected UTI. This test is reliable and accurate to + 97%.
    Each box contains 3 tests.
    Each test analyzes 4 parameters :

    • leukocytes
    • nitrites
    • blood
    • protein

    Having test for urinary tract infection at home is ideal when you are prone to UTI.

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    Dietary supplement based on 4 strains of revivable lactic ferment dosed at 6 billion per capsule.

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  • Cystinat urinary comfort - LES 3 CHENES


    Cystinat acts on the woman urinary sphere.
    Urinary discomfort can affect women daily life, so it is necessary to act at the first sign.
    Formulated with plant extracts Cystinat contains in particular :

    • heather recognized for its draining action, promoting renal and urinary elimination
    • thyme that contributes to cystic protection.

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  • ERGYPROSTA 60 tablets NUTERGIA Quick view
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    ERGYPROSTA 60 tablets from NUTERGIA is a dietary supplement containing herbs and active plant ingredients, vitamins and trace elements. This natural and complete formula will improve your comfort.

    Suitable for :

    • Prostate
    • Urinary comfort
    • Masculine well-being

    Ergyprosta is recommended for the maintenance of good prostatic and urinary functions, as well as for a better sleep and the maintenance of the libido. You will gradually feel an improvement in your quality of life.

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  • ERGYCRANBERRYL urinary discomfort Laboratoire...


    Food supplement based on Cranberry, Hibiscus, Solidago, Heather, Horsetail, trace elements.
    Suitable for urinary comfort

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  • Urisanol Flash NATURACTIVE


    Urisanol Flash Naturactive is a food supplement with cranberry basis and 5 essential oils specially elaborated to enhance women urinary comfort.
    1 box contains 10 capsules + 10 soft capsules
    1 box = 5 days cure


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  • URISANOL 30 capsules NATURACTIVE Quick view
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    Urisanol Naturactive is a food supplement with cranberry basis specially elaborated to enhance the urinary comfort by women.
    1 box =  1 month cure

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  • L-Vag - 30 capsules - Laboratoire HEALTH PREVENT


    L-Vag is a dietary supplement combining bovine lactoferrin and two strains of probiotics.
    Lactoferrin is a transferrin family glycoprotein that binds to iron. This protein contributes to iron intake and metabolism. Lactoferrin plays an important role in the regulation of immunity. It showed bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties.
    Made in Vendargues, Herault, France.
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  • Heather extract concentrated - 30 capsules -...


    Urinary comfort:
    Heather is traditionally used to promote the elimination of water. The elimination of water contributes to the proper functioning of the urinary system.
    These capsules are highly concentrated in Bruyère active ingredients.
    Quality controlled and standardized product.
    1 box = 15 days cure


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  • Organic heather capsules NAT&FORM Quick view
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    Organic heather capsules NAT&FORM


    To activate and cleanse the urinary sphere.
    Organic heather capsules from the NAT & FORM laboratory.
    100% biodegradable packaging.

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  • Bearberry extract - 30 capsules - NATURACTIVE


    Symptoms of low, recurrent, benign urinary tract infections.


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  • Organic bearberry capsules NAT&FORM Quick view
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    Organic bearberry capsules NAT&FORM


    Enable renal elimination. Water retention. Urinary problems.
    Organic bearberry capsules from NAT&FORM laboratory.
    100% biodegradable packaging.
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  • Pumpkin seeds - prostate special - 60 capsules...


    Pumpkin seed oil is known to help to maintain normal prostate function.
    Controlled and standardized product quality.
    1 box = 20 days cure
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  • Organic hibiscus capsules NAT&FORM Quick view
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    Organic hibiscus capsules NAT&FORM


    Promotes elimination. Draining and diuretic qualities.
    Organic hibiscus capsules from the NAT & FORM laboratory.
    100% biodegradable packaging.

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  • Prostate - man urinary comfort - Sante Verte


    Male urinary comfort.
    In their fifties, men may experience urinary discomfort, often related to the natural aging of the prostate.
    Capacity: 60 tablets - up to one month of use

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