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Euro Pharma your online pharmacy
Euro Pharma your online pharmacy








Euro-Pharmas, a recognized pharmacy

Euro-Pharmas is an online drug store owned by Pharmacy Isabelle Lagarde. Our pharmacy is located at La Bastide de Serou in the south of France.
We offer a qualitative selection of French pharmaceutical and cosmetics products recognized for their naturalness and their organic european certifications as Cosmebio, Ecocert and Nature & Progres.

An online pharmacy in France specializing in organic and natural products

Organic and natural products are the two specialties of our online pharmacy in France. We work with laboratories meticulously selected for the quality of their organic products. They develop and manufacture in the south of France in an area closed to the pharmacy and register their activity in an eco-responsible approach for the human well-being, the respect of the nature and the environment.

Our french online pharmacy is committed to select quality and recognized products that will help all suffering people. We wanted to favor the natural and organic side of our medicines and food supplements in order to meet an obvious demand from consumers. Today, more and more people are paying attention to their health and well-being, and are turning to a more natural medication, considered healthier. Concerned about the concerns of our customers and future customers, we have selected the best products on the market for our pharmacy on internet.

The difference between a medicine that is usually found in pharmacies and a biological medicine is in its active substance. That of the biological medicine was produced by, or extracted from, the living, while that of the non-biological drug is based on chemical synthesis. The biological medicine has a high specificity of action and an optimized quality.

A reliable online pharmacy that reassures its customers

The most common concern is not finding a reliable online pharmacy. Some are not yet used to ordering their medications online, without going through the reassuring speech of the pharmacist.

An online pharmacy cannot exist if it is not linked to a natural person, a manager of a mutualist pharmacy, a pharmacist, or even a holder of a pharmacy. The online sale of medication is carefully regulated by French law. Each pharmacy website has a license issued by the Regional Health Agency, and is registered with the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists. Isabelle Lagarde pharmacy is the owner of the online pharmacy, it is therefore to this physical pharmacy that our serious online pharmacy is attached.

The advantages of an online pharmacy

There are many advantages to choose an online pharmacy. It is accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, you are no longer restricted by the hours of a physical pharmacy and you can order your medicines as soon as you need them.

In order to reassure our Internet users, we had to respond to challenges in terms of IT security and accessibility of medicines. We have chosen to classify our medicines and natural products according to their use, while providing you with a search bar. Confidentiality is always the order of the day, your information is secure and will never be disclosed.

Our online pharmacy in France offers you an imposing and inexhaustible supply of natural and organic medicines, with numerous references.

An online pharmacy without a prescription

Euro-Pharmas is an online pharmacy without prescription. You will find many medicines available without prescription on our website, which will allow you to relieve a headache, or throat, ENT symptoms, treat a mild cold, or hay fever, or even treat a urinary tract infection. With a few clicks, you place an order and your products will be shipped within 24 hours.

The orders of our online pharmacy can be delivered in France, throughout Europe, Switzerland, Australia and the United States.

The pharmacists at Euro-Pharmas, the best online pharmacy, give you the same special attention as if you were present at Pharmacy Isabelle Lagarde. We are available by phone from Monday to Friday, and by email, do not hesitate!

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