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Buy your after-sun product at Euro-Pharmas : the quality

Do you dread the arrival of summer every year ? Buy your after-sun product at Euro-Pharmas and opt for the quality.

Euro-Pharmas is the best website for after sun care to relieve your sunburn effectively. Most people look forward to the arrival of summer. But summer often rhymes with sunburn. 

The best website for after sun creams to relieve your sunburn effectively

Euro-Pharmas is the best website for after-sun creams to relieve your sunburn effectively. It can be tempting to lie in the sun for long hours without any protection. Painful and harmful to your health, find here different ways to relieve a sunburn. 

But what is a sunburn? The sun's rays are composed of several types of rays : visible rays, infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. Sunburn occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun's UVB rays. Most part of the time, sun burns occurred while the skin is not protected with sunscreen. People with fair skin are also more likely to get sunburned.

It is important to buy natural after-sun cream to relieve sensitive skin. Sunburn usually manifests itself as skin redness, pain and sometimes itching. There are in fact several kinds of sunburns depending on the severity of the burn : 

First degree burns cause redness of the skin without blistering. They generally appear between 6 and 24 hours after sun exposure.

Superficial second-degree burns result in blistering within hours of sun exposure.

Deep second-degree burns result in blisters that are pale in color and not very painful. Healing is slower and scars may appear.

Choose Euro-Pharmas for your after sun products. Regardless of the intensity of the burn, it is important not to take sunburn lightly and to take the right steps in the hours following exposure. In our French online pharmacy, we offer a wide range of after sun products.

Choose Euro-Pharmas to buy your after-sun product in a pharmacy

Choose Euro-Pharmas to buy your after-sun products at the pharmacy. We offer you the best sun creams and after sun products for optimal protection. There are several ways to relieve a sunburn : cooling the skin, drinking plenty of fluids to rehydrate, applying a moisturizing cream or an after-sun cream.

There are several ways to buy an after-sun cream : pharmacy, drugstore, supermarkets. The after-sun cream will moisturize and nourish your skin damaged by the sun. At the same time, its regenerating properties help slow down skin aging and refresh the skin. The after-sun cream will also relieve you by soothing redness and light burns. At Euro-Pharmas, we even offer after-sun products to prolong your tan.

But when and how to apply an after-sun product? We recommend that you apply after-sun to the parts of your body that have been exposed to the sun, within a few hours of showering. For maximum effectiveness of our products, it is best to apply it to cleansed, dry skin to facilitate product penetration.

Euro-Pharmas is your online after-sun pharmacy. We offer you quality and eco-friendly products available online. All our deliveries are made within 48 hours in France and within 5 days in Europe. Available without prescription, all our sun creams and after sun products can be purchased without a prescription from your doctor.

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  • After-sun restorative lotion - AVENE

    After-sun restorative lotion - AVENE


    Rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water and enriched with antioxidants and restorative jojoba oil, Avene After-sun restorative lotion instantly soothes sensitive skin that has become overheated after sun exposure.

    Its creamy and melting texture provides a pleasant sensation of intense freshness. It provides the face and body with lasting hydration for up to 48 hours with a delicate fragrance. It is suitable for the whole family, adults and children from 2 years old.

    In stock
  • Moisturizing cream face and body 75ml NUNKI
    • Online only

    Moisturizing cream face and body 75ml NUNKI


    The moisturizing cream for face and body from NUNKI is a soothing and regenerating cream.

    • It is restorative and regenerating thanks to resveratrol, muscat rose, tepezcohuite and calophylle oil.
    • It is soothing and moisturizing thanks to calendula, shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil.

    NUNKI cream is made in France and is distributed exclusively in French Pharmacies.

    In stock
  • Porphyral HSP Derm - PILEJE

    Porphyral HSP Derm - PILEJE


    Porphyral HSP Derm - PILEJE is a cream that soothes, repairs, moisturizes and protects dry, dehydrated and damaged skin.

    • alga Porphyra umbilicalis contributes to cell renewal,
    • oil of borage contributes to the healing of the skin,
    • aloe vera and shea butter has moisturizing and nourishing assets. 

    For the whole family (newborn, child, adult).

    In stock
  • Osmo Soft : burns and sunburns

    Osmo Soft : burns and sunburns


    Osmo Soft is a gel that helps soothe sunburns as well as superficial and domestic burns (pain, redness and appearance blisters on a small surface).

    Perfume-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free and preservative-free.

    For the whole family, from 1 year old.

    In stock
  • Osmo Soft restorative mist with fresh effect

    Osmo Soft restorative mist with fresh effect


    Osmo Soft restorative mist soothes, repairs and hydrates the skin for 8 hours. From 3 years old.

    Fresh effect upon application. Non-greasy and non-sticky texture.

    In stock