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Buy ear care in our online pharmacy

For all your ear problems, you can buy ear care in our online pharmacy. It is important to take care of and protect your ears at the risk of exposing yourself to hearing loss!

Sale of Quies wax earplugs to protect your ears

You will find on our website  the sale of Quies wax earplugs to protect your ears from external noises. Regular exposure to certain noises can affect your hearing and it is important to adopt protective gestures while there is still time. To reduce the noise around, there are hearing protection specially designed to save you this inconvenience. The quies earplugs are very effective in attenuating the sounds and bring support and comfort to your ears.
Different types of earplugs are marketed, there are three types:

  • The foam earplugs, which are easily molded between the fingers to be inserted into the ear canal. Once introduced, they fit the shape of your ear canal to ensure optimum support and protection up to 35 dB. Their advantage: they can be used daily to sleep, rest and study.
  • The wax earplugs are also very easy to model and adapt very well to the shape of your ears. The difference with foam earplugs is their hypoallergenic properties that allow them to be better tolerated and improve comfort. They are more suitable for a long duration of use than the foam earplugs.

The Quies earplugs of our pharmacy that are made of wax can reduce noise by 27 dB to protect your ears from the surrounding noise.

  • Silicone earplugs, unlike foam and wax earplugs, are not to be put in the ear canal but in the ear horn. Their advantage is that they bring more comfort to the ear but the noise attenuation is less important.

The use of Quies ear buds to sleep, a possible solution

The use of Quies earplugs to sleep is a widespread solution and also very convenient to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Sometimes the noise from the outside can be really disturbing and unbearable, especially in the long run. To solve this very common problem, it may be possible to use ear plugs to sleep. However, if you plan to use Quies earplugs every night, it is imperative to keep a good hygiene. The foam and wax quies ear buds are intended for a single use and must be discarded after use, unlike the silicone plugs which are reusable. To do this, after each use, remember to wash them with soap and water and then put them back in their box until the next use. If you want to buy earplugs because you experience your partner’s snoring, then earplugs are indeed a possible solution.
Nevertheless, if you are purchasing Quies ear buds for use at night, then be very careful with your hygiene to avoid the accumulation of earwax and infection in the ear.

Buy effective ear eczema treatment

It is possible to buy effective ear eczema treatment directly on the website of our online pharmacy. A problem of eczema in the ear is manifested by itching and redness, if this is your case do not hesitate to consult a doctor without further delay. However, drops can be used to solve this problem, especially if the eczema is located inside the ear.
Other ear problems can sustain at any age and can sometimes cause very disabling pain. In general, a cure for earache is quickly found, all being to detect beforehand the origin of the pain.
A common cause of hearing impairment is excessive cerumen. Cerumen is often called human wax and has the function of protecting the inner part of the ear canal. Its presence is essential for the protection of the hearing aid but in too large a quantity, it can be the cause of the formation of an ear plug, causing itching and irritation of the external auditory canal.
Normally, earwax is naturally eliminated from the ear, but too frequent use of cotton swabs can promote its secretion and slow its elimination. To prevent the formation of a cap and help the hearing aid eliminate excess cerumen, the use of ear drops may be a solution to consider.
If you are looking for ear drops without a prescription, you can find them on the website of our online pharmacy. Those that are sold in our pharmacy are precisely adapted to the well-being of the ear sphere and promote the elimination of excess earwax. Ear drops for cerumen plugs from our online pharmacy also help to soften skin irritations and redness thanks to a combination of essential oils with complementary actions. Their instructions are simple, apply 4 to 5 drops in the ear and leave the head tilted for a few minutes until the solution is dispersed in the ear. In case you use this type of drops for a particular problem, it is recommended to use 2 to 4 times a day while if its use is only preventive to avoid the accumulation of earwax, then it is to be used once a week.
To find a cure for ear pain, do not hesitate to ask for advice from our team of pharmacists who are at your disposal by phone. For any processing order for your hearing aid, your package will be delivered to you within 24 to 48H.

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    6 pairs of Quies ear foam protection


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