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Treatments and medicines for heavy legs, to relieve your pain 

Do you suffer from heavy legs ? Euro-pharmas has the treatments and medicines for heavy legs to help you relieve your pain.

Buy an effective treatment for heavy legs

Suffering from unpleasant leg symptoms, you are probably wondering where to buy an effective treatment for heavy legs. A wide range of products are available to fight against the heavy legs symptoms on our online pharmacy

Tingling, numbness, tingling and burning, all these unpleasant sensations are usually heavy legs symtopms. This problem can often be linked to venous insufficiency and deficient blood circulation. 

To help with this, it is possible to take treatments for blood circulation, or a lighter treatment, such as food supplements, to relieve you. If symtopms persists, consult your doctor or ask your pharmacist for advice. 

At Euro-pharmas, you can buy a treatment against venous insufficiency to relieve your pain. 

As soon as the first symptoms mentioned above appear, you can think about buying tablets for heavy legs which do not require a medical prescription and which are available on our site. These supplements aim to strengthen the veins and increase the resistance of small blood vessels. 

You can order your treatment for heavy legs directly on our online site and we guarantee delivery within 48 hours as well as tracking of your package. 

My online pharmacy : find somes veinotonics

In your online pharmacy, veinotonics are available to fight against the symptoms of heavy legs. Indeed, we work with different certified laboratories to offer you the right products. 

You can purchase cures for heavy legs and follow this cure for a period of two to three months. Venotonic cures are generally recommended when temperatures are higher, to replace or with the wearing of compression stockings. 

In addition, the advantage of supplements for heavy legs online is a lasting relief that will help support blood circulation. 

You can also find in our online pharmacy gel for heavy legs that it is advisable to use as soon as needed. In the summer, during periods of high heat, using a cold gel can soothe and refresh you. This gel, combined with a massage of the legs, from the bottom to the top, allows for the relief of pain associated with heavy legs. In general, the purchase of a treatment against poor circulation will improve the quality of life by relieving pain and making the legs feel lighter. 

At Euro-pharmas, for any purchase of medication for heavy legs without a prescription, you will still benefit from the advice of our pharmacists, who are available by phone from Monday to Saturday and also by email.  

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  • PACK Circulymphe heavy legs - SANTE VERTE

    PACK Circulymphe heavy legs - SANTE VERTE


    With the pack Circulymphe heavy legs, lastingly soothe your sensations of heavy legs, tightness and impatience!

    This pack Circulymphe heavy legs - SANTE VERTE contains :
    1 box of 30 tablets (1 month treatment) contributing to the improvement of blood circulation
    + 1 cooling and freshness gel against heavy legs 150ml.

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  • Circulymphe - tablets - SANTE VERTE
    • -15%

    Circulymphe - tablets - SANTE VERTE

    €18.91 -15% €16.07

    For light legs, Circulymphe contains a complex of 13 recognized ingredients:

    • The Red Vine supports the circulation
    • Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen to ensure the normal functioning of blood vessels
    • Selenium, Vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection.
    In stock
  • Circulymphe gel 150 ml – SANTE VERTE

    Circulymphe gel 150 ml – SANTE VERTE


    Circulymphe gel 150 ml – SANTE VERTE is a cooling gel used to effectively relieve heavy legs. It contributes to improve blood circulation thanks to its unique natural formulation.
    Product certified Cosmebio by Ecocert.

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  • Lymphaveine - 60 tablets - 3C PHARMA
    • -15%

    Lymphaveine - 60 tablets - 3C PHARMA

    €16.92 -15% €14.38

    Venous circulation and lymphatic *
    High heat, trampling, prolonged standing, permanent sensation ...
    Make the difference!
    LYMPHAVEINE is an exclusive combination of 16 plants, vitamins and minerals, born from 3C Pharma® research and specifically selected for 3 combined actions.

    En stock