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Choose the right herbal treatment against prostatitis

Euro-Pharmas offers you a selection of herbal treatments against prostatitis

The prostate is a male gland located in the pelvis, under the bladder and in front of the rectum. It is part of the male reproductive system as it plays a role in sperm production and ejaculation.

Unfortunately, several problems can affect the prostate : prostatitis, hypertrophy, cancer. This is why it is imperative to consult your doctor in case of genito-urinary problems. He can then prescribe you several types of medicines : alphas blockers for the prostate, natural remedies, ...

What are the possible natural treatments to relieve prostatitis ?

There are several natural treatments to relieve prostatitis : pumpkin seeds or natural supplements. Our organic and natural pharmacy offers natural treatments for the prostate. They can be combined with drugs for the prostate, subject to the approval of your health professional.

You suffer from a benign prostate adenoma ? Natural treatments are available. Euro-Pharmas offers pumpkin seed oil, known to help maintain normal prostate function. This 100% natural product is a remedy that helps fight against male urinary leakage. Indeed, it contains many elements such as zinc, iron, vitamins and phytosterols that help to reduce the congestion of the prostate tissues by their anti-inflammatory function.

You can also opt for a supplement such as Ergyprosta which is made up of active plant ingredients, vitamins and trace elements. Ergyprosta is a natural solution that contributes to male urinary comfort, preserves sleep and maintains libido. 

How to improve your urinary comfort ?

You want to improve your urinary comfort with plants ? In men, with age, the size of the prostate increases and loses its flexibility. This phenomenon is called prostatic hypertrophy. This pathology can lead to inconveniences that alter the quality of life of many men : difficulty in urinating, weak stream, frequent urination, feeling of not having completely emptied his bladder.

The prostate gland surrounds the urethra, which is the channel that carries urine from the bladder to the outside. When enlarged, the organ becomes larger and less elastic, causing compression of the urethra, which impedes the passage of urine. Fortunately, natural remedies for the prostate exist.

In most cases, prostatic hypertrophy can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to avoid all the elements that congest the pelvis : alcohol, spices, holding back from urinating too long. If these measures are not enough, there are many herbal treatments for prostatitis on our site such as Ergyprosta, Prostate supplements are available.

Euro-Pharmas is your natural pharmacy for your prostate problems : natural treatments, food supplements, homeopathy, ... 

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  • ERGYPROSTA men's prostate 60 tablets NUTERGIA

    ERGYPROSTA men's prostate 60 tablets NUTERGIA


    ERGYPROSTA 60 tablets from NUTERGIA is a dietary supplement containing herbal extracts, vitamins and trace elements. This natural and complete formula will improve your comfort.

    Used for :

    • Prostatic functions
    • Urinary comfort
    • Masculine well-being

    Ergyprosta is recommended for the maintenance of good prostatic and urinary functions, as well as for a better sleep and the maintenance of the libido. You will gradually feel an improvement in your quality of life.


    In stock
  • Prostate - man urinary comfort - Sante Verte

    Prostate - man urinary comfort - Sante Verte


    Male urinary comfort.
    In their fifties, men may experience urinary discomfort, often related to the natural aging of the prostate.
    Capacity: 60 tablets - up to one month of use.

    In stock
  • Prostadim prostate - PRESCRIPTION NATURE

    Prostadim prostate - PRESCRIPTION NATURE


    Prostadim is a food supplement specifically formulated for urinary comfort in men.

    • contributes to the maintenance of the bladder and the prostate in men over 40 years of age.
    • supports men urinary comfort.
    Out of stock