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  • Citrate de betaine lemon 2g effervescent...

    Citrate de betaine lemon 2g effervescent tablets UPSA is a medicine indicated for the treatment of dyspeptic disorders (slow digestion, bloating).
    Lemon flavor. Sugar free.
    This medicine is not subject to medical prescription.
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  • Polysilane oral gel sachets doses UPSA Quick view
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    Polysilane oral gel sachets doses UPSA

    LOGO MEDICAMENT ENG.jpg Polysilane oral gel sachets UPSA is a medicine indicated in case of intestinal pain as burning, heartburn and intestinal bloating.
    Polysilane is a medicine not subject to medical prescription.
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  • Vitamine C 1000mg - 20 effervescent tablets - UPSA

    Vitamin C 1000mg from the UPSA laboratory is a medicine indicated in case of temporary tiredness.
    Vitamin C 1000mg contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
    This medicine is in the form of effervescent tablets.
    Reserved for adults and children over 15 years old.
    This medicine is not subject to medical prescription.
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  • L52 flu-like symptoms 30ml LEHNING Laboratory

    L52 flu-like symptoms from  LEHNING Laboratory is a homeopathic medicine traditionally used in flu-like symptoms, feverish aches and dry coughs.
    Oral drops solution.
    Drug dispensed without a prescription. Without drowsiness.
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  • Vitamine C 500mg - 30 tablets - UPSA

    Vitamin C 500mg from the UPSA laboratory is a medicin indicated in case of tiredness of the adult and the child over 15 years old.
    This medicine comes in the form of chewable tablets.
    Sugar free. Orange flavour.
    This medicine is not subject to medical prescription.

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  • Phloroglucinol 80mg - 20 orodispersible tablets...

    Phloroglucinol from Mylan laboratory is an antispasmodic medecine.
    It fights abnormal and painful contractions of the intestine, bile ducts, urinary tract and uterus.
    This medecine is reserved for adult et child.
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  • Moisturizing cream face and body 75ml NUNKI Quick view
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    Moisturizing cream face and body 75ml NUNKI


    The moisturizing cream for face and body from NUNKI is a soothing and regenerating cream.

    • It is restorative and regenerating thanks to resveratrol, muscat rose, tepezcohuite and calophylle oil.
    • It is soothing and moisturizing thanks to calendula, shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil.

    NUNKI cream is made in France and is distributed exclusively in Pharmacy.


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  • Urisanol Flash NATURACTIVE


    Urisanol Flash Naturactive is a food supplement with cranberry basis and 5 essential oils specially elaborated to enhance women urinary comfort.
    1 box contains 10 capsules + 10 soft capsules
    1 box = 5 days cure


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  • Propolis throat spray 3 CHENES Quick view
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    Propolis throat spray 3 CHENES

    €5.29 -15% €4.50

    Propolis spray throat: practical, nomadic and indispensable!
    By its specific complex of propolis, thyme and mint essential oil, Popolis throat spray is your best ally.

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  • Propolis suckable tablets LES 3 CHENES Quick view
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    Propolis suckable tablets LES 3 CHENES

    €5.64 -15% €4.79

    The tablet with propolis from LES 3 CHENES are formulated with propolis, thyme, menthol and vitamin C.
    The tablets with propolis contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and relieve sore throats.
    1 box contains 40 tablets.
    No added sugar.

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  • INFLAKIN - 30 tablets - 3C PHARMA Quick view
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    INFLAKIN - 30 tablets - 3C PHARMA


    Inflakin is a dietary suplement based on 7 plant extracts and highly dosed in turmeric.
    Usable in one-time or regular use, the Inflakin tablet is gastro-resistant, for a targeted release.

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  • SYCLIRENA hot flushes Laboratoire 3C PHARMA


    Syclirena hot flushes from 3C Pharma Laboratory is a dietary supplement that allows you to approach the menopause with serenity.
    Syclirena is a complex of 10 selected ingredients including a patented active efficacy tested, to allow you to approach this stage of your life serenely.

    Syclirena has a triple action:

    • Hot flashes
    • Night sweats
    • Irritability

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  • ACTIRUB nose and throat 15 tablets SANTE VERTE


    Actirub Nose and Throat 15 tablets from Santé Verte support immune system during winter time.
    Actirub Nose and Throat is a complex of agents, relieves disorders of the ENT sphere. It contains in particular:

    • Echinacea, helps support immune system during winter periods;
    • Andrographis, which helps to naturally reduce respiratory problems;
    • The essential water of Eucalyptus, which has a soothing effect on the throat and pharynx.

    Actirub Nose and Throat is a dietary supplement reserved for adults.

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  • Nutralgic 1000 SANTE VERTE


    Nutralgic® 1000 is a natural anti-inflammatory, formulated with turmeric to maintain articulations flexibility.

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  • Elixir de vinaigre des 4 voleurs 500ml Maison...


    Active formula and synergy of 11 biological active ingredients notoriously known and used for its antiseptic, invigorating and stimulating virtues. Ideal for the whole family, "vinaigre des 4 voleurs" is a must for your medicine cabinet.

    This product is formulated on plants from organic farming.

    logo qualité france.jpg   sastisfation-guarantie_ sans dentelle .png   fabrication formulation française.png

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  • Lactibiane ALR - PILEJE


    Lactibiane ALR PILEJE is a supplement indicated for the prevention of respiratory allergies.
    Lactibiane ALR is composed :

    • of a microbiotic strain, Lactobacillus salivarius LA302, dosed at 4 billion per capsule.
    • rosemary, contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system
    • quercetin from onion extract

    1 box contains 30 white capsules and 30 yellow capsules.

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  • L-Instina - 30 capsules - HEALTH PREVENT


    L-Instina from Health Prevent laboratory is a dietary supplement combining bovine lactoferrin and two strains of probiotics.
    For a restoration of the physiological functions of the intestinal flora and mucous membranes, intestinal infection, intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, antibiotics.
    Made in Vendargues, Herault, France.

    fabrication formulation française.png   Logo innovation française.png

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  • LACTIBIANE Reference 30 caps PILEJE Laboratory


    Lactibiane Reference from PILEJE Laboratory contains 4 microbiotic strains dosed at 10 billion per capsule or sachet of 2.5 g and 20 billion per capsules.

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  • ERGYPHILUS CONFORT Laboratoire Nutergia


    Dietary supplement based on 5 strains of revivable lactic ferment dosed at 6 billion per capsule.

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  • Gavisconell tablets RECKITT BENCKISER

    Gavisconell tablets RECKITT BENCKISER is a medicine indicated to treat symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux, such as acid reflux, heartburn, and difficult digestion (related to reflux).
    Gavisconell taste a mint, is sugar-free and gluten-free.
    Gavisconell is a medicine not subject to medical prescription.
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  • Pack of 3 filters FFP2 / FMP2 Wair for... Quick view
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    Pack of 3 filters FFP2 / FMP2 Wair for...

    €24.07 -10% €21.66

    The filters FFP2 are the refills for the Wair antipollution, antibacterial and antipollen masks.
    The FFP2 category provides an excellent breathing comfort as well as excellent filtration of fine particles. 99% of dust, bacteria and pollens are retained thanks to the very powerful filter made from activated carbon and polypropylene.
    This pack contains 3 filters.
    1 filter = 1 month of use.


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  • FEMINABIANE conception - Laboratoire PILEJE


    Feminabiane Conception is a dietary supplement based on docosahexaenoic omega 3 acids, 8 vitamins and 4 minerals.
    It is specially formulated to bring nutrients to the woman, from the desire of child until the end of pregnancy and during all the duration of the breastfeeding.
    1 box contains: 30 capsules + 30 capsules.

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  • Carboline Digest oral solution LES 3 CHENES


    Carboline Digest from les 3 Chenes laboratory is indicated in case of digestive discomfort and bloating.
    Thanks to its complete formula and powerful dosages, Carboline Digest reduces digestive discomfort such as bloating. It provides a feeling of freshness and immediate well-being.

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  • Baume arôma - 100g of cream - MAYOLY-SPINDLER

    Adjunctive local treatment of pain of muscle origin and tendino-ligament.
    Starting from 7 years old.
    Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.
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  • Long-lasting deodorant Bcombio Quick view
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    Long-lasting deodorant Bcombio

    €7.38 -15% €6.27

    Long-lasting deodorant without aluminum salts BcomBio
    Organic sage floral water works synergistically with a complex of natural active ingredients for anti-bacterial action.
    Proven long-lasting effectiveness. Tolerance tested under dermatological control.
    100% recyclable packaging.
    Ecological and Organic Cosmetics - Ecocert and Cosmebio Charter

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    Dietary supplement based on Artichoke, Black radish, Rosemary, Burdock and Trace Elements.


    • To be taken for : 
    • slow and poor digestion

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  • Acerola 500 mg - vitamin C - anti-fatigue - LES...


    Because a fatigue spares no one... Acerola 500 is a natural dietary supplement rich in vitamin C which contributes to reduce fatigue.
    The acerola is indicated in case of fatigue, thanks to its revitalizing active ingredients: minerals, antioxidants, vitamins of groups B and E, but especially vitamin C.
    1 box = 3 months cure

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