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Lip balm in pharmacies : to nourish, moisturize and repair lips

Lip balm in pharmacies for softer, moisturized and soothed lips. On our website, lip balm is available as stick or cream, to protect and repair lips. Our online pharmacy offers you a wide choice of products.

Order a repairing balm for sensitive, damaged, chapped, irritated lips...

Chapped, damaged or irritated lips are not inevitable. It’s easy to order a lip repair balm from our online pharmacy, to take care of your lips. 

The lip skin is five times thinner than any other part of the body. Lips are therefore more vulnerable and more prone to external aggressions of all kinds (pollution, wind, UV, cold...). It’s important to find the right online lip care site to start or continue taking care of your lips.

Lips tend to dry out quickly in winter as they don't secrete sebum like the rest of the body. Sebum is responsible for maintaining the moisture, suppleness and softness of our skin. As a result, your lips can suffer from irritation, tightness and even chapping. On the online pharmacy, you can easily find an effective cheap repairing lip balm formulated to reconstitute the skin of your lips, soothe them and nourish them in depth. 

Are your lips so damaged that they bleed ? You can buy lip balm online with healing and soothing properties (with honey, aloe vera...) ! Use it as often as needed. If you don't notice any improvement for several days, contact us by phone or email or consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis. 

Once you have purchased the best balm for chipped lips, you can use it whenever your lips are chapped, or on a daily basis to take care of your lips and moisturize them. 

Euro-pharmas offers cheap lip balms for children and balms with a UV protection index to stay protected during all daily sun exposure and during your vacations (ski, mountain, beach...). Our face care products are adapted to your needs.

For even more beautiful lips, opt for not expensive lipsticks, colored and/or subtly scented

Put a smile on your face or give yourself a softer kiss by choosing our convenient and not expensive lipsticks. These care can be used anytime. 

As lip balms contain edible components, it is preferable to choose organic care for a safer indirect consumption. Specialized with organic and natural products, Euro-Pharmas pharmacy sells natural organic lip balms at low prices. Made with organics ingredients, most of our products are free of any chemical active ingredients. These balms effectively protect your lips from external aggressions to make them softer and smoother. 

Our cheap lip balms are delivered in France within 48 hours, in Europe within 5 to 7 days on average and in North America and Australia within 15 working days.

Having a repaired mouth is within everyone's reach. Exfoliating your lips can be part of your beauty routine (once a week) to increase the repairing effect of your lips. You can also find a lip exfoliator on our online pharmacy Euro-pharmas! The exfoliants moisturizing power and creamy texture  are ideal to eliminate dead skin and prepare your lips to receive treatments. 

Interested in a lip repair mask ? Make your purchase of a moisturizing lip balm now. Simply coat your lips generously and leave on overnight. 

If you want to plump up your lips, a plumping lip treatment may be all you need. To combine business with pleasure and give your lips a glamorous touch, opt for a subtly scented and colored balm.

All our lip balms can be used as a makeup base. They are perfectly suited to prevent dryness caused by matte lipsticks for example. If you would like other cosmetics, please click here.

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  • Cicaplast lip balm - LA ROCHE POSAY
    • -10%

    Cicaplast lip balm - LA ROCHE POSAY

    €6.71 -10% €6.04

    Cicaplast lip balm - LA ROCHE POSAY is a repairing, protective, soothing and reconstructing treatment for the epidermis of the lips, chapped and irritated areas. Suitable for sensitive skin and skin undergoing drying oral treatments. Children and adults. 

    Last items in stock
  • Nutritic lips - LA ROCHE POSAY
    • -10%

    Nutritic lips - LA ROCHE POSAY

    €4.96 -10% €4.46

    The balm Nutritic lips - La Roche Posay is formulated for lips, lacking in comfort.
    Transforms the signs of tingling, fragility, delicacy and chapped lips.
    Dermatologically tested. 4.7ml.

    Out of stock
  • Moisturizing lip balm– EMBRYOLISSE
    • -10%

    Moisturizing lip balm– EMBRYOLISSE

    €4.33 -10% €3.90

    Moisturizing lip balm– Embryolisse nourishes, repairs and protects the lips. Formula composed of 95% natural active ingredients.
    Tested under dermatological control. For the whole family.

    In stock
  • Care for sensitive lips pack of 2 x 4g – AVENE
    • -10%

    Care for sensitive lips pack of 2 x 4g – AVENE

    €5.79 -10% €5.21

    This care for sensitive lips pack of 2 x 4g – AVENE is a daily care for the lips lacking in comfort.
    For soft, hydrated and protected lips in all circumstances.
    Dermatologically tested.

    Out of stock
  • Protective lip balm SPF15 - VITA CITRAL
    • -10%

    Protective lip balm SPF15 - VITA CITRAL

    €3.13 -10% €2.81

    The protective lip balm SPF15 - Vital Citral repairs and protects sensitive lips.
    Its protective film protects the lips from all external aggressions such as sun, wind and cold.
    Protects against UV rays thanks to its SPF15 index. 4 g.

    In stock
  • Nourishing lip balm – LAINO
    • -10%

    Nourishing lip balm – LAINO

    €2.92 -10% €2.63

    Nourishing lip balm - LAINO nourishes, repairs sensitive and chapped lips. Stick of 4g.
    Laino is inspired by the authenticity of the history of its Mediterranean origins to develop its cosmetic range.

    Out of stock
  • Atoderm ultra moisturizing lip balm set of 2 x...
    • -10%

    Atoderm ultra moisturizing lip balm set of 2 x...

    €6.21 -10% €5.59

    Atoderm ultra moisturizing lip balm set of 2 x 4g - BIODERMA intensely moisturize chapped and parched lips thanks to the shea butter.
    Hypoallergenic formula. For the whole family (children over 3 years old).

    In stock