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An intimate wash suited to your needs in our online pharmacy

Find out an intimate wash suited to your needs in our online pharmacy. The choice of intimate hygiene soap is very important considering the regular use that is made of it. Good intimate hygiene is necessary to ensure good health as it protects against pathogenic bacteria and preserves the balance of the vaginal flora. 

Find out online your intimate wash

At Euro-pharmas, it is possible to buy online your intimate wash. An intimate hygiene product take care of your vaginal flora. 

These cleansing care are very useful in order to prevent intimate dryness, irritations, allergies, and urinary infections (uti). Thus, it is important to respect the vaginal flora. Before buying an intimate cleanser, remember to check certain criteria such as the pH level which should be 5.5, the physiological pH of the intimate flora. 

The purchase of a bar soap for intimate hygiene must be made according to the sensitivity and the fragility of this zone to ensure hygiene and hydration without causing problems. In order to respect the sensitivity of the mucous membranes, Burdock flower extract is often used in the soap-free intimate hygiene products available online. It contributes to soothe itches and its balance properties help relieve irritations and discomfort feelings. Burdock is also very appreciated by women for its soothing and moisturizing action on intimate mucous membranes. It is the reason why it is often used to design in the best soaps for intimate hygiene

At Euro-pharmas, we offer you different products for the purchase of a soft soap for intimate hygiene. 

Purchase intimate wipes at Euro-pharmas

Purchase intimate wipes for you personal care on The intimate wipes are convenient to carry out everywhere you go and have a fresh feeling at any time all day long. 

However, the intimate wipes for women available on our site should not be used as a substitute for cleansing products that provide better hygiene and are more suitable for daily cleansing. 

As some other intimate hygiene products on our online pharmacy, the wipes are soap-free for an effective cleansing effect. 

The intimate hygiene wipes are disposable, 100% biodegradable. 

If you wish to order a soap for your intimate hygiene, Euro-pharmas guarantees a delivery in 48 hours with a follow-up for your parcel. 

Thanks to Euro-pharmas, you don't need to go anywhere to buy an intimate hygiene care. Our specialized pharmacists are available by mail and by phone from Monday to Friday and will advise you on the intimate hygiene care so you can make an order according to your use and your needs. 

Our other products and cosmetics are available here.

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  • Biodegradable wipes - GIFRER

    Biodegradable wipes - GIFRER


    Biodegradable wipes with thermal water from Auvergne and in natural fibers, disposable in the toilets.
    Face, hands, seat.
    For the whole family: infant, child, adult
    Package of 60 wipes.

    In stock
  • Ultra Soft Wipes Saforelle

    Ultra Soft Wipes Saforelle


    Ultra Soft Intimate Wipes Saforelle clean gently and refresh at any time (after the sport, before a medical appointment, during periods...).
    They are impregnated with a soap-free cleaning solution enriched with burdock.
    1 pack = 10 wipes
    100% biodegradable wipes.

    Out of stock
  • Gentle cleansing care - SAFORELLE
    • -10%

    Gentle cleansing care - SAFORELLE

    €4.38 -10% €3.94

    Gentle cleansing care - SAFORELLE soothes and protects sensitive or irritated skin.
    Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care is specially formulated for sensitive or irritated skin. Its gentle cleansing action soothes itchiness and discomfort.

    Last items in stock
  • Extra-gentle intimate cleanser - Rogé Cavaillès
    • -25%

    Extra-gentle intimate cleanser - Rogé Cavaillès

    €7.13 -25% €5.34

    Extra-gentle intimate cleansing - Rogé Cavaillès gently cleanses and preserves the balance of the mucous membranes, even the most sensitive.
    Daily use.

    In stock
  • Physiostim vaginal probiotics - IMMUBIO

    Physiostim vaginal probiotics - IMMUBIO


    Physiostim vaginal probiotics - IMMUBIO helps to rebalance the vaginal microbiota, in prevention and adjunctive treatment of vaginitis. Helps to relieve itching and burning sensations. 

    Physiostim vaginal probiotics combines :

    • microbiotics strains to rebalance the vaginal microbiota, to prevent the appearance of vaginal discomfort, 
    • polycarbophil forming a protective film on the vaginal mucosa, rebalancing the pH, 
    • the CryoProtect technology contributing to the arrival of living bacteria.
    In stock
  • Myleugyne egg LP 150mg - IPRAD

    Myleugyne egg LP 150mg - IPRAD


    Myleugyne egg LP 150 mg - Iprad is available in a box of 1 prolonged-release egg.
    Formulated with econazole nitrate, with antifungal and antibacterial properties, Myleugyne LP 150mg is recommended for the local treatment of mycosis of the vulva and vagina (diseases caused by microscopic fungi) sometimes superinfected.
    Myleugyne LP 150 mg is a medicine not subject to prescription.

    In stock