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  • Prostate - man urinary comfort - Sante Verte


    Male urinary comfort.
    In their fifties, men may experience urinary discomfort, often related to the natural aging of the prostate.
    Capacity: 60 tablets - up to one month of use

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  • Organic St. John's wort - 15 capsules - DAYANG


    Food supplement based on concentrated organic St. John's Wort.
    St. John's wort helps maintain emotional balance, a positive and balanced mood.
    Made in France according to rigorous procedures, the individual protection in blister of each capsule ensures an ideal conservation.

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  • Organic maca capsules NAT&FORM Quick view
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    Organic maca capsules NAT&FORM


    Vitality and resistance. For a fulfilling sexuality.
    Organic maca capsules from the NAT&FORM laboratory.
    100% biodegradable packaging.

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  • Pumpkin seeds - prostate special - 60 capsules...


    Pumpkin seed oil is known to help to maintain normal prostate function.
    Controlled and standardized product quality.
    1 box = 20 days cure
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  • Resveratrol - 60 caps - Yvery


    Well-being: powerful antioxidant action to preserve your cardiovascular system.
    Also decreases the production of melanin in addition to anti-brown spots treatment.
    Patented formula based on resveratrol a substance of the family of polyphenols.
    This product is a food supplement whose unique formula is patented.

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  • Performerect - libido - 3 Chenes


    Improved erection and stimulate the libido!
    Performerect is an active complex based on plant extracts selected to stimulate libido and promote erection.

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  • ERGYPROSTA 60 tablets NUTERGIA Quick view
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    ERGYPROSTA 60 tablets from NUTERGIA is a dietary supplement containing herbs and active plant ingredients, vitamins and trace elements. This natural and complete formula will improve your comfort.

    Suitable for :

    • Prostate
    • Urinary comfort
    • Masculine well-being

    Ergyprosta is recommended for the maintenance of good prostatic and urinary functions, as well as for a better sleep and the maintenance of the libido. You will gradually feel an improvement in your quality of life.

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