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  • Mucomyst wet cough 200mg - UPSA

    Mucomyst wet cough 200mg - UPSA


    The medicine mucomyst wet cough 200 mg - UPSA is indicated in case of respiratory condition with expectoration difficulties.
    This medication contains 200mg of Acetylcysteine.
    Reserved for adults and children from 7 years old.
    Medicine not subject to medical prescription.

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  • Sinuspax sinusitis rhinitis - LEHNING
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    Sinuspax sinusitis rhinitis - LEHNING


    Sinuspax LEHNING is a drug used in the adjuvant treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis.
    Common name: SINUSPAX, chewable tablet
    Presentation: 3 PVC-Aluminium blister(s) of 20 tablet(s)


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  • Vicks inhaler : nasal congestion - impregnated...
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    Vicks inhaler : nasal congestion - impregnated...


    Vicks inhaler is a medicine in the form of an impregnated inhaler pad which acts as a decongestant during common respiratory ailments (colds, rhinitis, nasopharyngitis) in adults and children over 12 years old.
    Common name: VICKS INHALER, impregnated tampon for inhalation by fumigation
    Composition for 100 ml of solution:

    • racemic camphor: 39.671 g
    • levomenthol: 39.671 g

    Presentation: 1 polypropylene tube(s) of 1 tampon(s)

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  • Vicks Vaporub ointment
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    Vicks Vaporub ointment


    Vicks Vaporub is a medicine used as a decongestant during common respiratory ailments (colds, coughs, simple bronchitis).
    Common name: VICKS VAPORUB, ointment
    Active substances : Composition for 100gr of ointment:

    • camphor: 5.00 g
    • turpentine (essence of): 5.00 g
    • levomenthol: 2.75 g
    • eucalyptus essential oil: 1.50 g
    • thymol: 0.25g

    Presentation: 50 g polypropylene jar(s) with child safety closure

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  • Actisoufre nasal and oral spray 100ml - GRIMBERG
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    Actisoufre nasal and oral spray 100ml - GRIMBERG


    Actisoufre nasal and oral spray is a drug recommended for chronic inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract such as chronic rhinitis and nasopharyngitis.

    Common name: ACTISOUFRE, solution for nasal/oral spray in pressurized bottle
    Active substances: Solution (Composition for 100 ml):

    • sodium monosulfide anhydrous: 13 mg
    • as: sodium (sulphide) nonahydrate
    • yeast: 500 mg

    Presentation: 1 pressurized aluminum bottle(s) of 100 ml with end piece(s) polyethylene polypropylene polyoxymethylene
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    For security reasons during transport, this product cannot be shipped outside of the European Union.

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