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Selection cleansing of the biggest brands of pharmacies in different ways: cleansing wipes, cleansing milk, cleansing water, tonic lotion.

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  • Gentle eye make-up remover Avene


    Gentle eye make-up remover is formulated for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
    Removes even waterproof make-up gently without leaving any residue.

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  • Spray of Thermal Spring Water Avene


    Avene Thermal Spring Water is captured directly at its source, ensuring that all its soothing and softening properties are preserved.
    Avene Thermal Spring Water is particularly recommended for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic or irritated skin.

    Available in 3 sizes: 50ml, 150ml, 300ml

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  • Cleansing milk - makeup remover - 200ml -...


    Very fluid and of a unique sweetness, this cleansing milk and makeup remover cleans with a simple and fast action the epidermis of its impurities, pollution and makeup, preserving the hydrolipidic film of the skin.
    It neutralizes the effect of limestone and respects the PH of the skin.
    This treatment contains no essential oil and eliminates waterproof makeup.
    Certified Organic Cosmetics - Cosmebio Charter

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  • Micellar water moisturizing sensitive skin face...


    Micellar water mosturizing for the face and eyes.
    Eliminate waterproof makeup.
    Suitable for sensitive skin and firm lens wearers.
    Without allergen.
    Ecological and Organic Cosmetics - Ecocert and Cosmebio Charter

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  • Micellar Lotion Avene Quick view
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    Micellar Lotion Avene


    Immediately cleans the pollution particles and gently removes make-up from face, eyes and lips without drying out.
    Soothes and anti-irritating micellar lotion brings softness and freshness in one gesture.
    Rich in soothing, anti-irritating Avene Thermal Spring Water.
    Micellar Cleansing and Cleansing Lotion is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.
    Paraben and alcohol free, its fragrance is discreet and delicate.
    Special offert : Bottle of 400ml + 25% free = bottle of 500ml

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  • face scrub cream 50ml - GRAINE DE PASTEL


    Purifying scrub mask with protective isatis tinctoria oil:
    Purifies and unclogs pores
    Brings radiance to the skin
    Normal to combination skin

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  • Organic rose flower water 200ml Maison Berthe...


    Rose floral water is obtained by traditional steam distillation of flowers. All the hydrolats of the MAISON BERTHE GUILHEM are the result of a very rigorous distillation of 1 kilo of plants for 1 liter of water.


    • Anti-wrinkle, it helps prevent the effects of aging and reinvigorates dull skin.
    • Astringent, it tones the skin.
    • Refreshing, it soothes skin prone to redness and allergies and soothes reactive skin.
    • Powerful fragrance, sweet, fresh, sweet, brings a sweet and delicate scent of rose.

    This is floral is packaged in a spray bottle.
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  • Ultra-rich soap with isatis tinctoria oil 100g...


    Ultra rich soap with isatis tinctoria oil and essential oils. Certified organic.
    Cleans gently
    Preserves from drying
    Ideal for sensitive skin
    This surgras soap cleans gently and without attacking dry and fragile skin, to preserve their comfort.

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  • Soap tomato and basil Retour aux Sources


    A very mild soap, very rich in shea. Its original scent (mixture of basil with a lemony note) and its orange color (tomato juice and red clay) leave your had and body very soft.
    It is suitable for all skin types and especially for oily skins.
    The soaps from Maison Retour aux Sources are exclusively made in France, at Brassac in Ariege.
    Certified organic by Nature & Progres.

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  • Soap chestnut, orange, chocolate Retour aux...


    Soap surgras at 8%
    The soap factory is surrounded by chestnut trees and here it is: soap made from chestnut milk and infusion of chestnut leaves (always in spring water).
    Very rich in olive oil and shea butter, this soap is very gentle on the skin. Its fragrance, a mixture of orange and spices evokes the autumn.
    The soaps from Maison Retour aux Sources are exclusively made in France, at Brassac in Ariege.
    Certified organic by Nature & Progres.

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  • CREALINE foaming gel 100ml BIODERMA


    Soothing foaming gel with enhanced hydration.
    Créaline foaming gel has relipidant and moisturizing properties.
    The exclusive DAF complex is an association of active ingredients that reinforces the threshold of tolerance for all sensitive skin types.
    Enriched with Coco Glucoside / Glyceryl Oleate: a biomimetic active principle that reinforces the skin barrier.
    Face eyes. To rinse.

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  • CREALINE H2O micellar cleansing solution...


    Dermatological micellar water that cleanses, removes make-up and soothes sensitive skin.
    Specially formulated with and for dermatologists to respond to skin imbalances in sensitive skin, Crealine H2O dermatological micellar water guarantees a gentle cleansing and removal of the face and eyes.

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  • Camolid hydrosol of chamomile Horus Pharma Quick view
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    Camolid hydrosol of chamomile Horus Pharma


    Camolid from Horus Pharma laboratory is a kit of ophthalmic compresses with mayflower chamomile hydrosol.
    Camolid is used for the care of the red and painful pathological eyelids (meibomite) and in case of formation of a painful cyst (chalazion).
    Sterile formula without preservative.
    A box of Camolid contains:

    • 15 packets of 2 sterile, non-woven ocular compresses (one for each eye)
    • 15 units of 5ml chamomile chamomile hydrosol

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