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  • Aspirin 500mg - 50 tablets - BAYER


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    This medicine contains aspirin.
    This drug is recommended especially in diseases with pain and / or fevers such as headaches, flu, dental pain, body aches in adults and children from 30 kg (about 9 to 15 years).
    Medication not subject to a medical prescription.
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  • Aspro 500mg - 36 effervescents tablets - BAYER


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    Aspro 500mg 36 effervescents tablets is medicine containing aspirin.
    This medicine is an analgesic (it calms the pain) and an antipyretic (it lowers the fever). It is indicated in case of pain and / or fever such as headaches, flu, dental pain, body aches.
    Effervescent tablets.
    This medicine is not subject to medical prescription.
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  • Berocca Ernergy effervescents tablets


    Berocca Energy effervescent tablets is a supplement that combines vitamins and minerals to help you regain your physical and mental energy.
    Effervescent tablets. Orange flavor. Sugar free. From 15 years old.

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  • Euphytose Stress – BAYER Quick view
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    Euphytose Stress – BAYER

    Euphytose Stress - Bayer is indicated to relieve mild symptoms of stress and to promote sleep. Formulated with 4 natural active ingredients: passionflower, hawthorn, valerian, horehoundMedicinal product not subject to medical prescription. Adolescents over 12 years old.
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