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Online pharmacy : surgical masks at Euro-pharmas

On our online pharmacy, surgical masks and FFP2 masks are available to ensure your protection. Associated with the Covid 19 pandemy, the mask is also used by health professionals and guarantees protection as long as it is changed every 3-4 hours of use. 

Online purchase of surgical masks on our site : the effectiveness of protection

In our online pharmacy, you can buy surgical masks online. These protective masks are intended for individuals as well as health professionals. They are made to avoid any transmission of infectious agents by airborne droplets. This kind of mask is also called "anti-projection" and stops at least 95% of the particles projected. 

In our pharmacy, quality surgical masks are available, as quality is very important to ensure reliability and protection. The surgical mask is the best ally for your protection and to fight against pollen and all airborne viruses. 

If you wish to buy boxes of 50 surgical masks, these are available on our online pharmacy in blue and black. The black surgical masks from our online pharmacy are category 1 3-ply masks, which are known to filter out at least 90% of particles. The 3-ply surgical masks to order from Euro-pharmas are more anatomical and can better fit faces. 

Contrary to the blue masks often associated with health professionals, black masks are better accepted because they are considered more discreet and less medical than the others.

Online sales of disposable surgical masks at Euro-pharmas

You will find disposable surgical masks on our online sales site. Indeed, the protection masks called "general public" are to be thrown away after being used for 3 to 4 hours. Beyond this time or if your mask gets wet, they are considered ineffective and it is necessary to change them to be sure to protect you effectively.

All disposable masks are suitable for sensitive skin that may suffer from wearing a mask all day long due to friction that damages the skin barrier, but also due to the moisture produced under the mask that promotes the development of bacteria. Buying surgical masks for skin problems can be a solution. 

Our masks are all equipped with an aluminum bar that allows them to be worn tight against the nose and thus guarantee optimal protection. 

For health professionals, aFFP2 surgical mask is more fitted. Unlike consumer surgical masks, an FFP2 mask protects the wearer more effectively from exposure to viruses. Although the FFP2 mask is more restrictive to wear, it is widely recommended for personnel in contact, for example, because it has a filtration capacity of nearly 94%.

We also offer transparent protective visors</> to protect the eyes and face from large particles. These visors, also known as "face shields", do not guarantee the protection provided by surgical masks, as they do not protect against droplets, which are often the means of virus contamination.  Unlike the surgical mask, which is intended to protect others, the face shield is intended to protect the wearer. Therefore, if you are considering the use of a protective visor, it is essential that you wear a surgical mask underneath to ensure full protection. 

The wearing of the protective visor in addition to the surgical mask or the FFP2 mask is recommended for health professionals but also for any person in contact with the public such as shopkeepers and some craftsmen. 

Why order surgical masks from Euro-pharmas ?

Nothing could be easier and faster than ordering surgical masks from your online pharmacy. Indeed, at Euro-pharmas, our specialized pharmacists are at your disposal for any question related to the use and maintenance of the masks we sell. Our teams can even suggest the product that is best suited to you.

As for the prices of the surgical masks sold by us, everything depends on the number of pieces in each box but also on the type of mask chosen. 

At Euro-pharmas, delivery and click-and-collect are available for any purchase of surgical masks on our online pharmacy. In addition, the products are shipped within 24 hours!

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  • Face masks x50 units

    Face masks x50 units


    Face masks are category 1 surgical masks, for protection against pollen and viruses. Suitable for sensitive skin. Box of 50 units, CE certified masks. Category 1 masks, single use.

    The box is a mask dispenser.

    Out of stock
  • FFP2 white masks x25

    FFP2 white masks x25


    FFP2 white masks are FFP2 masks for protection against viruses. Box of 25 units, CE certified masks. Single use masks.

    Out of stock
  • 3-ply black surgical masks

    3-ply black surgical masks


    3-ply black surgical masks are category 1 surgical masks, for protection against viruses. Box of 50 units, CE certified masks. Category 1 masks, single use.

    The box is a mask dispenser.

    Theses face masks are made in France.

    Out of stock
  • Plastic protective visor

    Plastic protective visor


    The transparent protective visor offers unlimited visibility.

    Its scratch headband adapts to all sizes and body heads shapes.

    The advantages of this visor:

    • the wearing of this visor is stable,
    • people with glasses will not be bothered by the wearing of this visor.
    In stock