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List of products by brand Cooper

  • Anti-ticks - repellent skin adults-children -...

    Anti-ticks - repellent skin adults-children -...


    Anti-tick protection for the whole family (from 24 months).
    Insect Screen anti-ticks is a powerful body repellent : it offers effective and immediate protection against ticks and it is in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

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  • Baccide hydroalcoholic spray - COOPER
    • New

    Baccide hydroalcoholic spray - COOPER


    Baccide hydroalcoholic spray - COOPER is a virucidal alcoholic spray, to disinfect the hands within 30 seconds, in a convenient format, take it everywhere !

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  • MAG 2 sleep - COOPER
    • -10%

    MAG 2 sleep - COOPER

    €13.51 -10% €12.16

    MAG 2 sleep - COOPER is a supplement based on marine magnesium, melatonin and vitamin B6. This formula also includes plant extracts for an optimal action, including valerian, lemon balm and California poppy. This supplement is indicated in case of difficulty falling asleep resulting from stress and helps reduce fatigue. 
    Supplement reserved to adults and teenagers (from 12 years old).

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  • MAG 2 tablets - COOPER
    • -15%

    MAG 2 tablets - COOPER

    €11.47 -15% €9.75

    MAG 2 tablets - COOPER is a supplement indicated in case of magnesium deficiency. Fatigue, nervousness, muscular fatigue are often the first signs of an insufficient dietary intake of magnesium. Reserved for adults from 12 years old reserved.

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  • Vitascorbol Boost effervescents tablets - COOPER

    Vitascorbol Boost effervescents tablets - COOPER


    Vitascorbol Boost effervescent tablets - COOPER is a supplement indicated as an adjunct treatment for fatigue. 
    VitascorbolBoost is a combination of tonic plants, arginine and 9 vitamins and 6 minerals, to allow you to give the best of yourself when you need it.
    VitascorbolBoost contains 100% natural extracts of guarana and cola to resist physical and mental fatigue, as well as acerola, a natural source of vitamin C. Arginine is an amino acid naturally present in the body that contributes to the synthesis of proteins, participating in energy metabolism.
    From 15 years old.
    Orange taste. Sugar free.

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  • Washable antiviral mask Baccide - COOPER
    • New

    Washable antiviral mask Baccide - COOPER


    Washable antiviral mask Baccide - COOPER is a long-lasting protective mask that can be worn for more than 50 hours before washing. Textile treatment to help eliminate the virus responsible for Covid-19. For children from 11 years old and for adults.

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