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  • Bearberry extract - 30 capsules - NATURACTIVE


    Symptoms of low, recurrent, benign urinary tract infections.


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  • Complex 'pure air with 11 essential oils...


    Complex Pure Air diffusion is a blend of 11 organic essential oils to diffuse to purify your interior.

    Organic EO of Badiane Organic EO of Mint spicata
    Organic EO of Atlas Cedar Organic EO of sweet orange
    Organic EO of Eucalyptus globular Organic EO of Rosemary cineole
    Organic EO of Lemon Organic EO of Tea tree
    Organic EO of Lavandin grosso Organic EO of Thyme thymol
    Organic EO lemony beds

    Certified Organic.


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  • DORIANCE autobronzant / tanning - 60 capsules -...


    Naturactive Tanning Doriance is a phytopigment complex of plant origin, which contributes to the normal pigmentation of the skin, vitamin E and selenium that help protect cells against oxidative stress and borage oil that helps to the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
    This product contains 2 boxes of 30 capsules each, for a cure of one to two months.
    For the purchase of a box a necklace offered!
    This product is a beauty food supplement based on plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.

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  • Dual' with elderberry : Immune system and...


    Dual 'essences Elderberry + essential oils promotes the immune system and respiratory well-being.
    Association of Elderberry extract and 5 essential oils (Peppermint, Clove, Thyme, Lavender and Cinnamon Ceylon).
    The elderberry extract contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.
    The essential oils of thyme, lavender and peppermint support the proper functioning of the respiratory system.
    1 box = a cure of 5 days.
    Active ingredients 100% of plant origin.

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  • Ear drops with essences : excess of cerumen...


    The ear drops from Naturactive are a synergy of essential oils for the well being of the auricular sphere.

    • Promotes the removal of excess wax from the ear
    • Prevents its creation
    • Soften skin irritation and redness
    • Cleans and protects the ear canal

    Ear drops are a non-prescription medical device.
    Naturactive formulates its synergies with organic certified essential oils.

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  • Hair and nail cure - 90 capsules - NATURACTIVE


    Resulting from research Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Naturactive Hair & Nails contains plant extracts, vitamins and minerals for the beauty of your hair and nails.
    This product contains 2 boxes of 45 capsules each for 3 months cure.

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  • Heather extract concentrated - 30 capsules -...


    Urinary comfort:
    Heather is traditionally used to promote the elimination of water. The elimination of water contributes to the proper functioning of the urinary system.
    These capsules are highly concentrated in Bruyère active ingredients.
    Quality controlled and standardized product.
    1 box = 15 days cure


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  • Nomade essential oil diffuser NATURACTIVE Quick view
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    Nomade essential oil diffuser NATURACTIVE

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    Nomad diffuser of essential oils for a custom-made atmosphere.

    • To take everywhere
    • Autonomous battery
    • Rechargeable on USB port
    • Up to 40 uses in autonomy.
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  • Organic argan oil - Naturactive


    Argan oil certified organic by Ecocert.
    Main constituents: linoleic and oleic acids, vitamin E.
    Practical advice :
    For mature skin, dry or devitalized: Argan oil is traditionally known as anti-aging. Its regular use helps to maintain the tone and suppleness of the skin. Very penetrating, it is a very good vector for the diffusion of essential oils for cutaneous application.
    To privilege on a damaged skin.

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  • Pumpkin seeds - prostate special - 60 capsules...


    Pumpkin seed oil is known to help to maintain normal prostate function.
    Controlled and standardized product quality.
    1 box = 20 days cure
    fabrication formulation française.png

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  • Respiratory caps NATURACTIVE


    Naturactive Pastilles Respiratoires box of 24 caps is a food supplement with plants and essential oil, to facilitate breathing.

    Naturactive Pastille Respiratoire is an association of essential oil of scots pine and lichen extract from iceland which helps to facilitate breathing.

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  • Roll-on bumps NATURACTIVE Quick view
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    Roll-on bumps NATURACTIVE

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    The roll-on bumps helps to calm the pain by the cold effect of its formula. It contains organic essential oils of italian helichrysum and peppermint and organic arnica extract.

    Convenient to use and easy to carry thanks to its pocket size!


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  • Roll-on joints and muscles NATURACTIVE


    The Roll-on Articulations & Muscles Naturactive instantly relieves joints and muscles pain - acute or chronic (arthritis, tendinitis, rheumatism) - thanks to the cold effect of its formula.
    Thanks to organic essential oils of peppermint and wintergreen, it acts locally on tension zones for greater flexibility and mobility. Its triple ball brings you a massage and facilitates the application of the gel.

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  • SERIANE CHRONO calm and serenity 6 tablets...


    Seriane Chrono calm & serenity NATURACTIVE is a food supplement based on marine magnesium, lactium, vitamin B6 and zinc.
    Serian Chrono comes in the form of orodispersible tablets for rapid intervention in case of major event (interview, before to take the driving license exam, final exam...).
    It can be administered without water.

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  • SERIANE stress and sleep - NATURACTVE


    Naturactive Seriane Stress and Sleep is a food supplement in form of capsule based on marine magnesium, lactium, vitamin B6, rhodiola and lemon balm.
    It allows to resist more to the stress and to improve the sleep quality.
    Complete formula for global stress management :
    86% overall satisfaction from the first dose in case of transient stress and 90% from 15 days in case of recurrent stress.

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  • Syrup for dry and productive cough 120ml...


    The syrup with essences from Naturactive is indicated in the treatment of dry cough and productive cough, as well as in case of irritation of the mucous membrane.

    This syrup contains honeys, extracts of Grindelia, Plantain and Helichryse, essential oils of Lemon, Orange and Myrtle.

    The synergy of these components:

    • creates a layer adhering to the mucosa that protects it from irritating external agents
    • promotes the hydration of mucus and its natural expulsion
    • exerts a protective and softening effect on the pharynx, indirectly attenuating typical cough disorders.

    For the whole family, from 1 year.

    This syrup is not subject to a medical prescription.
    Naturactive formulates its synergies with essential oils.

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    Urisanol Naturactive is a food supplement with cranberry basis specially elaborated to enhance the urinary comfort by women.
    1 box =  1 month cure

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  • Urisanol Flash NATURACTIVE


    Urisanol Flash Naturactive is a food supplement with cranberry basis and 5 essential oils specially elaborated to enhance women urinary comfort.
    1 box contains 10 capsules + 10 soft capsules
    1 box = 5 days cure


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