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Pranarôm is the specialist of Aromatherapy Scientist. Through the expertise of its teams and the quality of its products unanimously appreciated, Pranarôm has risen to the rank of world leaders in the essential oils market for health and well-being.

Pranarôm's product range meets a wide range of health and wellness needs. In addition to a catalog of more than 200 unit essential oils, labeled HECT, more than 90 specialties are offered in pharmacies.

At the forefront of scientific research in aromatherapy, Pranarôm has developed answers for all diseases that concern us: breathing and ENT sphere, baby comfort, allergies, joints, skin problems or more widely relaxation with massage oils, synergies and broadcasters available.

  • OLEOCAPS 1 nose and throat 30 caps PRANAROM


    In regular treatments, OLEOCAPS 1 ensures the maintenance of a good health or protects you during more delicate periods (in winter, during the changes of seasons, passages of the hot cold). To quickly intervene on the throat or other areas of the respiratory tract, it is necessary to take up to 8 capsules a day to guarantee the beneficial and powerful action of the product.
    OLEOCAPS 1: the indispensable companion to keep you in good shape and in great health.

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  • OLEOCAPS 3 digestive health and liver function...


    OLEOCAPS 3 stimulates digestion and intestinal function; helps to overcome bloated feeling and flatulence (peppermint, exotic basil, star anise or caraway).
    Contains cumin for the maintenance of optimal digestive comfort and peppermint for the maintenance of intestinal and digestive health.
    Take away OLEOCAPS 3 everywhere. They are ideally dosed and standardized, are devoid of smell and taste, and can quickly soothe the sensations of heaviness after a hearty meal. Used regularly or occasionally, OLEOCAPS 3 will become a natural reflex for those who want rhyming 'digest' with 'freedom'.

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  • PRANABB respiratory balm PRANARÔM


    Baby does not breathe very well? It seems cluttered?
    Use PranaBB Breathing Breath Easy Breathing, Pranarôm.

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  • PRANABB sanitizing diffusion PRANARÔM


    Pranarôm Diffuser - Sanitizer Mix contains 100% certified organic essential oils.

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