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  • DIARILIUM for child 3 CHENES


    Special Diarrhea *: DIARILIUM® syrup is a complex of active ingredients specifically selected to stop frequent and loose stools*. It slows transit*, cleanses the digestive system*1 and promotes hydration*2 for fast and effective action !

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  • EFIRUB Laboratoire 3C PHARMA


    Nose, throat, bronchi ... from the first signs, we must act! A cold snap can have consequences on your health and put you flat!
    EFIRUB® is a concentrate of active ingredients including echinacea that supports the natural defenses and thyme to facilitate breathing.
    Food supplement, from 36 months.

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  • INFLAKIN - 30 tablets - 3C PHARMA


    Inflakin is a dietary suplement based on 7 plant extracts and highly dosed in turmeric.
    Usable in one-time or regular use, the Inflakin tablet is gastro-resistant, for a targeted release.

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  • LAXATRANSIT Quick view
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  • Liposterol - 30 tablets - LES 3 CHENES


    Liposterol is indicated in case of cholesterolemia.

    Liposterol is formulated with Monacoline K, derived from red yeast rice, the association of 5 plants based on a meta-analysis as well as coenzyme Q10.
    This dietary supplement contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterolemia.

    Liposterol has a triple action:

    • Maintains normal cholesterol levels
    • Heart function
    • Blood circulation

    This product is not a medecine but a dietary supplement. It is not subject to medical prescription.

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  • Lymphaveine - 60 tablets - 3C PHARMA Quick view
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    Lymphaveine - 60 tablets - 3C PHARMA


    Venous circulation and lymphatic *
    High heat, trampling, prolonged standing, permanent sensation ...
    Make the difference!
    LYMPHAVEINE is an exclusive combination of 16 plants, vitamins and minerals, born from 3C Pharma® research and specifically selected for 3 combined actions.

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  • Myocalm : muscles contractions 3C PHARMA


    Muscles contractions of the back, cervical and lumbar.
    A muscle contraction is due to the involuntary contraction of one or more muscles. It is distinguished from cramps by its duration and muscle tearing, slamming and elongation to the extent that no anatomical lesion exists in the case of contracture.
    Myocalm innovation from research 3C PHARMA is a natural complex of 10 carefully selected ingredients.
    Back, cervical, lumbar... The skullcap contained in Myocalm contributes to the proper functioning of muscles and improves mobility.
    Myocalm is ideal during a physical activity.

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  • SYCLIRENA hot flushes Laboratoire 3C PHARMA


    Syclirena hot flushes from 3C Pharma Laboratory is a dietary supplement that allows you to approach the menopause with serenity.
    Syclirena is a complex of 10 selected ingredients including a patented active efficacy tested, to allow you to approach this stage of your life serenely.

    Syclirena has a triple action:

    • Hot flashes
    • Night sweats
    • Irritability

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