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List of products by brand Mylan

  • Cetirizine 10mg - 7 scored tablets - MYLAN

    Cetirizine 10mg - 7 scored tablets - MYLAN


    Cetirizine 10mg - 7 scored tablets - MYLAN is an antihistamine drug, used in the treatment of allergy crisis. Contains 10mg of cetirizine dihydrochloride.

    Cetirizine 10mg is indicated in adults and children from 6 years of age in:

    • the treatment of nasal and ocular symptoms of seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis
    • the treatment of symptoms of chronic urticaria (chronic idiopathic urticaria).

    Medical advice is recommended for chronic idiopathic urticaria. You should talk to your doctor if you do not feel any improvement or feel worse after 3 days.

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  • Diosmine 600 mg - MYLAN

    Diosmine 600 mg - MYLAN


    Diosmine 600 mg – MYLAN is a venotonic drug (it increases the tone of the venous walls) and a vasculoprotector (it increases the resistance of small blood vessels).

    It is recommended in:

    • disorders of the venous circulation (heavy legs, pain, painful sensations called impatience when going to bed);
    • hemorrhoidal crisis.

    Common name: DIOSMINE VIATRIS CONSEIL 600 mg, tablet
    Active substances: Tablet (Composition for one tablet): diosmin: 600 mg
    Presentation: PVC-aluminium blister(s) of 30 tablet(s)

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  • Loperamide 2mg - acute diarrhea - VIATRIS
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    Loperamide 2mg - acute diarrhea - VIATRIS


    Loperamide 2mg is a medicine containing loperamide hydrochloride which helps to stop diarrhea by making stools more solid and less frequent. This medicine is used in the symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhea. Adults and adolescents from 12 years old.
    This medicine should not be used for more than 2 days without medical supervision.
    Common name: LOPERAMIDE VIATRIS CONSEIL 2 mg, oral lyophilisate
    Composition of active substances for a Lyophilisate (Composition for an oral lyophilisate) :

    • loperamide base 1.85 mg
    • in the form of: loperamide hydrochloride 2 mg

    Presentation : blisters (PVC/polyamide/aluminium/PVC) with detachable cover in (Paper/PET/Aluminium) of 12 oral lyophilisates.

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  • Minoxidil 2% hair loss 3x60ml - VIATRIS
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    Minoxidil 2% hair loss 3x60ml - VIATRIS


    Minoxidil 2% hair loss is a medicine indicated in the event of restricted hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in adults, men or women. It promotes hair growth and stabilizes the phenomenon of hair loss.
    Common name: MINOXIDIL VIATRIS CONSEIL 2%, solution for skin application
    Active substances per 100 mL of solution for dermal application: minoxidil: 2g
    Presentation: 3 x 60 mL high density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle(s) with polyethylene dosing pump(s) with applicator(s)

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  • Phloroglucinol 80mg - 20 orodispersible tablets...
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    Phloroglucinol 80mg - 20 orodispersible tablets...


    Phloroglucinol 80mg - 20 orodispersible tablets - VIATRIS is an antispasmodic medicine indicated in case of contractions of the intestine, bile ducts, urinary tracts and uterus.
    Phloroglucinol is Spasfon generic medicine.
    This medicine is reserved for adult et children from 2 year old.

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