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List of products by brand Ladrôme Laboratoire

In 1993, the brand Ladrôme Laboratory was born in Die between the Vercors and Provence in France. A region known for the richness and variety of local medicinal plants, at the crossroads of Mediterranean and Alpine climates.

Ladrôme products are based on 4 themes dedicated to the well-being and defense of the organization:
- Aromatherapy: essential oils, floral waters, vegetable oils for cosmetic use, by-products, etc.
- Phytotherapy: extracts of fresh plants, gemmotherapy, syrups and herbal drinks.
- Floral elixirs (Bach flowers): the strength of flowers to harmonize emotions.
- Propolis

His commitment is to offer the best plants in respect of the planet and men.
Whenever possible, supplies are made locally to benefit from freshly harvested plants that are then packaged at the Die production site.
Passion leads the laboratory to discover and work with endemic plants from other countries, always in perfect awareness of the resources of nature.

A specialized team is constantly working on new formulations and new ideas for ever more natural responses to the needs of the organization.

To be BIO is to be audited every year by certification bodies that check that Ladrôme Laboratoire respects their standards:
- "Candles and Room Fragrances of natural and organic origin"
- "Ecological and Organic Cosmetics"
- "Cosmos"
- Regulation (EC) No 834/2007

These standards are available on the respective sites of each organization: Ecocert France SAS for Organic Agriculture, Ecocert Greenlife for cosmetics and Parfums d'Ambiance. /

  • Nigella oil - 100ml - LADRÔME

    Nigella oil - 100ml - LADRÔME


    Beauty secret used by queens of Egypt, nigella oil, is known for its exceptional softening and regenerating virtues.
    It is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
    It also helps to soothe irritated or problem skin: pimples, redness, cracking...
    Latin name: Nigella sativa
    Bottle of 100ml.
    Organic and Ecological Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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  • Organic arnica maceration oil - 100ml - LADRÔME

    Organic arnica maceration oil - 100ml - LADRÔME


    Calming and soothing, arnica oil helps soothe sensitized areas as well as dry and irritated skin.
    A favorite for athletes, it is very effective in local applications and in soothing, revitalizing and warming massages.
    Latin name: Arnica montana
    Bottle of 100ml.
    Organic and Ecological Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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  • Organic calophylle oil - 100ml - LADRÔME

    Organic calophylle oil - 100ml - LADRÔME


    Very rich in omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids, the oil of calophylle is particularly recommended for the local esthetic care of the skins with problems, in particular in case of rednesses, crevasses, varices, rosacea ... Softening and protective, it calms , nourishes and promotes the regeneration of irritated, red and dry skin.
    It is also known to promote good circulation: it can be used in light massage in case of feeling of heavy legs.
    Latin name: Calophyllum inophyllum
    Bottle of 100ml.
    Organic and Ecological Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

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  • Organic jojoba oil 100ml - LADROME

    Organic jojoba oil 100ml - LADROME


    Jojoba oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (eicosenoic acid).
    Certified organic by Ecocert.
    Traditionally used for :
    Care of oily skin.
    Hyperseborrhea of the scalp.
    Care of dry skin, irritated.
    Dry and brittle hair care.
    Cracks, crevices, wrinkles.

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