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  • Somniphy'30 spray 120 doses SANTE VERTE


    Relaxing and calming, Somniphyt 30' Mélatonine ensures a peaceful and a deep sleep.

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    Somniphyt 30'® melatonin from Sante Verte is a plant-based complex to fight insomnia and sleep disturbances, facilitating and promoting sleep.

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  • Organic linden - sleep - infusion in sachets...


    Expert laboratory in traditional herbal medicine, exclusively in pharmacy.
    DAYANG Organic linden infusion 20 sachets helps to maintain an optimal relaxation.
    Product certified from organic agriculture.

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  • Organic verbena - sleep - infusion in sachets...


    Expert laboratory in traditional herbal medicine, exclusively in pharmacy.
    DAYANG Organic verbena infusion 20 sachets helps recover sleep.
    Product certified from organic agriculture.

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    Dietary supplement based on Hawthorns, Hoarhound, Lemon Balm and Trace Elements.

    Suitable for : 

    • difficulty getting to sleep
    • waking up during the night
    • malaise

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    Ergymag Nutergia is a supplement based on magnesium, vitamin B and zinc.
    Ergymag is specifically dosed to provide a large amount of magnesium to the body.
    It is particularly indicated in the event of. :

    • magnesium deficiency
    • physical and nervous fatigue

    2 formats available: 45 or 90 capsules.

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  • SERIANE stress and sleep - NATURACTVE


    Naturactive Seriane Stress and Sleep is a food supplement in form of capsule based on marine magnesium, lactium, vitamin B6, rhodiola and lemon balm.
    It allows to resist more to the stress and to improve the sleep quality.
    Complete formula for global stress management :
    86% overall satisfaction from the first dose in case of transient stress and 90% from 15 days in case of recurrent stress.

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  • Somniphyt night SANTE VERTE


    Somniphyt Nuit Calme from the Santé Verte Laboratory has a complex plant formula containing escholtzia to help improve your sleep.

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  • Organic roman chamomile NAT&FORM TISANES


    Action against pain and relaxation.
    Roman chamomile certified organic farming laboratory Nat & Form.

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  • OLIGOMAX Magnesium - Laboratoire Nutergia


    Food supplement based on seawater Salins du Midi and French lithothamne extract, sources of minerals and trace elements.
    Improved formula for better tolerance.
    Suitable for:

    • fatigue
    • nervous system
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  • Red ginseng root powder "ENERGY" 30g - JARDINS...


    Red ginseng root powder "ENERGY" from JARDINS D'OCCITANIE contains 100% red ginseng roots.
    Korean ginseng, Panax ginseng CA Meyer, helps maintain optimal stamina, energy and vitality, physical and mental well-being.
    More concentrated in ginsenoside compared to white ginseng, red ginseng has a faster and more important booster effect.
    Ginsenoside content: minimum 20mg per dose (for 2ml powder per dose)
    No extracts, no preservatives, no colorings, no additives, no nanoparticles, no chemicals.
    The pot is supplied with a measuring spoon of 1 ml.
    Produced in France, in Occitanie (south-west). In the process of certification of Organic Agriculture.
    This product is available in pot of 30g and 60g.
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