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  • Camolid hydrosol of chamomile Horus Pharma


    Camolid from Horus Pharma laboratory is a kit of ophthalmic compresses with mayflower chamomile hydrosol.
    Camolid is used for the care of the red and painful pathological eyelids (meibomite) and in case of formation of a painful cyst (chalazion).
    Sterile formula without preservative.
    A box of Camolid contains:

    • 15 packets of 2 sterile, non-woven ocular compresses (one for each eye)
    • 15 units of 5ml chamomile chamomile hydrosol

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  • Ilast 20 lingettes Horus Pharma

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  • Ilast hydraclean gel - 50ml - Horus Pharma


    Ilast Hydraclean from Horus Pharma laboratory is a gel for the cleaning of pathological eyelids, especially the palpebral margin, in all forms of blepharitis: seborrheic dermatitis, meibomite...
    0% preservative, 0% paraben, 0% perfume, 0% alcohol, 0% lanolin
    Bottle with 50ml airless pump.
    Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.

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  • Macula-Z 30 tablets Horus Pharma


    Macula-Z 30 tablets from the Horus Pharma laboratory is a dietary supplement specifically formulated to help maintain normal vision and fight against oxidative stress.

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  • Naturophta Luteine 30 tablets Horus Pharma


    Naturophta Lutein 30 Tablets Horus Pharma is a dietary supplement that helps protect the retina and the lens of oxidation.
    Simple formula containing 10 mg of lutein, which allows to:

    • Filter the blue light
    • Play the role of an antioxidant
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