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  • Cocculine - 40 orodispersible tablets - BOIRON


    A good homeopathic reflex before departure and during the trip against nausea, dizziness, vomiting related to motion sickness.
    For the whole family, from 18 months.
    Child-friendly format: doses or tablets that are easy to absorb during a trip. (From 18 months to 6 years, dissolve in water).
    Can be taken in prevention before departure or in treatment at the onset of symptoms
    Drug that does not sleep.
    Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.

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  • OSCILLOCOCCINUM Laboratoire Boiron


    Winter diseases : Fever, chills, headache, body aches, flu symptoms
    OSCILLOCOCCINUM shortens the duration of flu symptoms.
    During the period of influenza exposure, administration once a week may reduce the intensity of these symptoms.
    Available in 2 formats : box of 6 doses and box of 30 doses.

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  • Rhinallergy - 30 tablets - BOIRON


    Allergy treatment.
    Rhinallergy is a homeopathic medicine traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of transient allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and transient allergic conjunctivitis.
    From 6 years old.

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