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  • Acerola 500 mg - vitamin C - anti-fatigue - LES...


    Because a fatigue spares no one... Acerola 500 is a natural dietary supplement rich in vitamin C which contributes to reduce fatigue.
    The acerola is indicated in case of fatigue, thanks to its revitalizing active ingredients: minerals, antioxidants, vitamins of groups B and E, but especially vitamin C.
    1 box = 3 months cure

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  • Carboline vegetable charcoal 30 tablets - LES 3...


    Carboline from 3 Chênes laboratory is a natural food supplement based on vegetable charcoal and fennel.
    The charcoal is used in cases of bloating and intestinal gas, favoring digestive comfort.
    Fennel is known to facilitate the elimination functions of the body.
    Aniseed aroma.

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  • Carboline Digest oral solution LES 3 CHENES


    Carboline Digest from les 3 Chenes laboratory is indicated in case of digestive discomfort and bloating.
    Thanks to its complete formula and powerful dosages, Carboline Digest reduces digestive discomfort such as bloating. It provides a feeling of freshness and immediate well-being.

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  • Circulation organic red vine LES 3 CHENES


    Circulation organic red vine from Les 3 Chenes strengthens venous circulation.
    Circulation Vigne Rouge comes in the form of 30 vials to be diluted for a one-month treatment.
    Certified product from organic farming.

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  • Detox with organic birch LES 3 CHENES


    Detox with organic birch Les 3 Chenes combines organic birch juice and organic nettle.
    This presentation is an extra strong formula for a better elimination and detoxification.
    Birch supports the excretory functions of the kidneys.
    Nettle contributes to the elimination functions of the organism.
    This product is certified organic.

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  • DIARILIUM adult 3C Pharma


    Special Diarrhea *: DIARILIUM® is a complex of active ingredients specifically selected to stop frequent and loose stools*. It slows transit*, cleanses the digestive system*1 and promotes hydration*2 for quick and effective action!
    * Blackthorn helps regulate (slow down) intestinal transit. 1The thyme contributes to a healthy digestion.

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  • EPP 1200 grapefruit seed extract 50ml BIO 3 CHÊNES


    EPP 1200 bio from Les 3 Chenes laboratory is a native extract of organic grapefruit seeds.
    The most practical pharmacy in the world with a high content of bioflavonoids **, guaranteed by HPLC ***.
    A few drops are enough to act.
    Product certified organic agriculture by ECOCERT FR-BIO-01.


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  • Gystinat urinary troubles - LES 3 CHENES


    Gystinat Les 3 Chenes acts on urinary discomfort.

    Cystinat has changed its denomination for Gystinat.
    Urinary discomfort is the concern of many women and men. These annoyances can harm daily, so act at the first sign of pimples during urination.
    Gystinat is formulated from 6 plant extracts: cranberry, mauve, thyme, blueberry, heather, marshmallow.

    • the action of cranberries, also called cranberry, on microbial germs has been evaluated by numerous clinical studies,
    • thyme contributes to cystic protection thanks to its microbial properties.
    • heather is recognized for its draining action which promotes renal and urinary elimination of water.


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  • Immunitiz LES 3 CHENES Quick view
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    Immunitiz LES 3 CHENES

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    Immunitiz Les 3 Chenes is a supplement indicated to strengthen natural defenses and respiratory tracts.
    Indicated for adults and children from 6 years old. 

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  • Intestinal comfort and liver - organic black...


    Intestinal comfort - liver with organic black radish from Les 3 Chenes is a food supplement that facilitates intestinal transit thanks to its extracts of black radish, fumitory and organic artichoke.
    This dietary supplement comes in the form of vials.
    Product certified organic agriculture.

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  • Lipophedrine - fat excess - Laboratoire 3C PHARMA


    Lipophedrine from 3C PHARMA laboratory is an unique combination of patented assets.
    Lipophedrine is an exclusive formula of plants with Thermogenic and Liporeduction actions giving unequaled results.
    1 box contains 80 capsules.

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  • Mincinov - weight loss LES 3 CHENES


    True scientific innovation in the field of thinness, Mincinov Les 3 Chenes uses a unique mechanism of action, resulting from the latest research. It allows the transformation of white, beige and brown fats.

    Mincinov is not a medicine but a dietary supplement made from plants, carnitine, calcium and vitamins.

    • Degrades installed fat : Capsaicin stimulates the oxidation of fat and burns fat.
    • Captures Fats and Dietary Sugars : Chilli contributes to weight loss.
    • Decreases appetite : Nopal absorbs fat and sugar, helps control glucose levels and reduces appetite.

    This complex is highly dosed 2014 mg of ingredients per intake.
    For optimal efficiency it is recomended to use Mincinov in cure of 1 month is 2 boxes.

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  • Nasal spray with 7 ntatural ingredients LES 3...


    The nasal spray Les 3 Chenes with 7 natural ingredients cleanses and protects the nasal cavity.
    The nasal spray Les 3 Chenes with 7 natural ingredients provides gentle washing to help you breathe better.
    It contains 7 natural ingredients: sea water, aloe vera, Icelandic lischen, myrtle essential oil, copper, manganese and sulfur.
    It is recommended for adults and children from 6 years old.

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  • Organic ginseng and royal jelly - 30 vials -...


    Ginseng - royal jelly from Les 3 Chenes it is a solution to find energy and tone on a daily basis.
    Indeed, this certified organic food supplement contains royal jelly, exclusive food of the queen bee throughout her life and traditionally known for its wealth of peptides, fatty acids, minerals and B vitamins, honey made by bees from nectar flowers rich in carbohydrates easily and directly assimilated by the body.
    Thus, thanks to this program of a month, you find energy and energy on a daily basis.
    Certified product from organic agriculture.

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  • Organic harpagophytum joints Les 3 Chênes

    Organic harpagophytum joints Les 3 Chenes contains of 3000mg of organic harpagophytum extract, 1000mg of organic blackcurrant, papaya and pineapple extract.
    Do you have pain in your joints, tendons and muscles? Is your body tired and in need of recovery? We must act!
    Certified product, from organic farming. 100% recyclable packaging.


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  • Organic royal jelly - 30 vials - LES 3 CHENES


    Organic royal jelly combines :

    • organic royal jelly, traditionally known for its wealth of peptides, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins of group B.
    • organic honey made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Organic honey is rich in carbohydrates easily and directly assimilated by the body.

    1 vial contains 1200mg of organic royal jelly and 1000mg of organic honey


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  • Osteophytum gel : joints, blows, muscles,...


    The powerful formula that relieves and relaxes!
    Based on extracts of arnica, harpagophytum, plants and essential oils, Osteophytum gel is a local application gel developed to help you relax muscles locally and soothe sensitive joints.
    Formula concentrated to 10% arnica.


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  • Osteophytum patches LES 3 CHENES


    Osteophytum patches are formulated with plants and essential oils, to soothe sensitive joints, find flexibility and mobility.
    Find flexibility and mobility of muscles, tendons and joints.
    1 box contains 14 patches.

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  • Osteophytum roll-on special muscles - Les 3 Chenes


    Osteophytum roll-on special muscles Les 3 Chenes is indicated in case of muscle pain.
    The application of this roll-on is ideal after having practice sport.

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  • Perfexam - special exams - 30 tablets - LES 3...


    Prefexam from Les 3 Chenes laboratory is a dietary supplement specifically formulated to pass the exams with serenity.
    It promotes normal cognitive functions, concentration, supports physical and mental resistance.

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  • Performerect LES 3 CHENES


    Performerect Les 3 Chenes stimulates libido, relaxes muscles and promotes erection.
    With Performerect, find an improved erection and stimulated libido.
    Performerect is a natural food supplement formulated with plants.

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  • Propolis suckable tablets LES 3 CHENES


    The tablet with propolis from LES 3 CHENES are formulated with propolis, thyme, menthol and vitamin C.
    The tablets with propolis contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and relieve sore throats.
    1 box contains 40 tablets.
    No added sugar.

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  • Propolis syrup LES 3 CHENES Quick view
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    Propolis syrup LES 3 CHENES

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    Propolis syrup Les 3 Chenes is a propolis complex enriched with acerola, thyme and peppermint essential oil. Ideal for supporting the immune system at the change of seasons and helping to reduce fatigue.
    From 12 years old.

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  • Propolis throat spray LES 3 CHENES Quick view
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    Propolis throat spray LES 3 CHENES

    €5.29 €4.29

    Propolis throat spray Les 3 Chenes is convinient by it size and formula.
    By its specific complex of propolis, thyme and mint essential oil, this throat spray is your best ally.

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  • Propolis vials LES 3 CHENES Quick view
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    Propolis vials LES 3 CHENES

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    Propolis, a natural substance collected by bees, is used to strengthen our body's defenses. Thanks to propolis, naturally rich in many vitamins and trace elements and reinforced by plants, royal jelly, vitamins and minerals, Propolis vials effectively stimulates the body's natural defenses. Its complete formula will increase the resistance of the organism with energy and vitality.

    14 vials

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  • Slimming guarana LES 3 CHENES


    Slimming Guarana from Les 3 Chenes Laboratory, are an efficient and ultra-concentrated blend of organic guarana and organic green tea extract.

    Each vial provides 250 mg of organic guarana extract providing 25 mg of caffeine and 214 mg of organic green tea extract containing 15 mg EGCG * to trigger the slimmng process.
    This product is certified organic .

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  • Vials of propolis LES 3 CHENES Quick view
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    Vials of propolis LES 3 CHENES

    €8.48 €7.48

    The vials of propolis from Les 3 Chenes are rich in vitamin C and propolis.
    This formulation support the immune system and vitality.

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