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Euro-pharmas offers many online medicines to treat your daily ailments. These medicines are essential in your medicine cabinet. Among these online medicines available without prescription discover Doliprane, Efferalgan, and other remedies. Theses well known drugs will relieve you quickly. Order your medicine against pain, fever, or digestive problems medications online in order to save time.

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Thanks to Euro-Pharmas website buy medicine on a reliable online pharmacy. Our website is managed by Pharmacy Isabelle Lagarde located in the southwest of France, Ariege. The drugs available on the site are selected by a team of Pharmacists. Isabelle Lagarde, former Head of Laboratory in Microbiological Research at Pierre Fabre Laboratories, guarantees you to buy online medicines of quality with traceability carefully selected for their proven efficiency. A guarantee of quality to treat you and your family.

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We all use regularly medicines without prescription. Whether it's headaches, bowel problems, or muscle pain, drugs are regularly used to relieve or treat your daily ailments. For these reasons, it is possible to buy online medicines without prescription for treatment. Tablets, syrups, sachets, to buy medicines without prescription on Internet is easy. Ordering medicine online now makes your life easier.

Buying drugs without prescription, is it possible?

It is possible to buy medicines without prescription in pharmacies. Various daily ailments do not necessarily require going to the doctor. For this reason, self-care is a solution, but it is important to pay attention to the instructions for use, and do not hesitate to seek advice from your pharmacist. Even without being physically present, we are at your disposal to respond to your requests. Selling drugs online is nowadays a service available to everybody. The selected drugs are available without prescription. They are indicated in case of pain, sore throat, heartburn, and other symptoms that do not necessary require you to consult your doctor. For these reasons, they are available in pharmacies and drugstores. But beware, if symptoms persist, we advise you to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

As a reminder, the purchase of medicines available without prescription can be taken in charge depending on your health care insurance. Even if there is no medical prescription, taking medication is risky. It is therefore important to be well informed before practicing self-medication. If you wish to obtain additional information, pharmacy Isabelle Lagarde is at your disposal.

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  • ACTIRUB child syrup SANTE VERTE


    Actirub child syrup - orange taste and honey
    Complex of 11 active ingredients including 8 plants and propolis for immunity during winter periods.

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  • Ultra levure 100mg box of 20 bags

    LOGO MEDICAMENT ENG.jpgAdjunctive treatment of diarrhea, in addition to dietary measures.
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    Dietary supplement based on Artichoke, Black radish, Rosemary, Burdock and Trace Elements.


    • To be taken for : 
    • slow and poor digestion

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  • Vitamine C 500mg - 30 tablets - UPSA

    Vitamin C 500mg from the UPSA laboratory is a medicin indicated in case of tiredness of the adult and the child over 15 years old.
    This medicine comes in the form of chewable tablets.
    Sugar free. Orange flavour.
    This medicine is not subject to medical prescription.

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  • ACTIRUB child sachets SANTE VERTE Quick view
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    ACTIRUB child sachets SANTE VERTE

    €12.04 -15% €10.23

    Actirub Child in Green Health Packs is a food supplement that consists of a synergy of 10 ingredients.
    This product is the ideal ally for the immunity of your child to face the winter periods.
    This product is available in 2 flavors: apple or raspberry. You can choose it below:

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  • Lactulose 10g 12 sachets MYLAN

    This medicine is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of constipation. Hepatic encephalopathy.
    Starting from 7 years old.
    1 box contains 12 sachets of 15 ml
    Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.
    Prune aroma.
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  • PRANABB sanitizing diffusion PRANARÔM


    Pranarôm Diffuser - Sanitizer Mix contains 100% certified organic essential oils.

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  • Vitamine C 1000mg - 20 effervescent tablets - UPSA

    Vitamin C 1000mg from the UPSA laboratory is a medicine indicated in case of temporary tiredness.
    Vitamin C 1000mg contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
    This medicine is in the form of effervescent tablets.
    Reserved for adults and children over 15 years old.
    This medicine is not subject to medical prescription.
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  • Citrate de betaine lemon 2g effervescent...

    Citrate de betaine lemon 2g effervescent tablets UPSA is a medicine indicated for the treatment of dyspeptic disorders (slow digestion, bloating).
    Lemon flavor. Sugar free.
    This medicine is not subject to medical prescription.
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  • Polysilane oral gel sachets doses UPSA Quick view
    • Online only

    Polysilane oral gel sachets doses UPSA

    LOGO MEDICAMENT ENG.jpg Polysilane oral gel sachets UPSA is a medicine indicated in case of intestinal pain as burning, heartburn and intestinal bloating.
    Polysilane is a medicine not subject to medical prescription.
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  • TOCOLION vitamin E capsules

    Tocolion is indicated for the treatment of vitamin E deficiency.
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  • PRANABB respiratory balm PRANARÔM


    Baby does not breathe very well? It seems cluttered?
    Use PranaBB Breathing Breath Easy Breathing, Pranarôm.

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  • MAG 2 sleep COOPER Quick view
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    MAG 2 sleep COOPER

    €8.82 -15% €7.49

    Mag2 Sleep Cooper is a supplement with marine magnesium, melatonin and vitamin B6.
    Magnesium and vitamin B6 help reduce fatigue and contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.
    Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of the body.
    Supplement for adults and teenagers.

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  • MAG 2 "24h" 60tabs - COOPER


    Fatigue, nervousness, muscle fatigue are often the first signs of inadequate dietary intake of magnesium.

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  • Phloroglucinol 80mg - 20 orodispersible tablets...

    Phloroglucinol 80mg - 20 orodispersible tablets - MYLAN is an antispasmodic medecine.
    It fights abnormal and painful contractions of the intestine, bile ducts, urinary tract and uterus.
    This medecine is reserved for adult et child.
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  • Vitascorbol Boost effervescents tablets - COOPER


    Despite fatigue, you have to be able to perform physically and intellectually in all situations (work, outings, ...).
    VitascorbolBoost is a combination of tonic plants, arginine and 9 vitamins and 6 minerals, to allow you to give the best of yourself when you need it.
    VitascorbolBoost contains 100% natural extracts of guarana and cola to resist physical and mental fatigue, as well as acerola, a natural source of vitamin C. Arginine is an amino acid naturally present in the body that contributes to the synthesis of proteins, participating in energy metabolism.
    From 15 years old.
    Orange taste. Sugar free.

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  • Berocca - 30 effervescents tablets - BAYER

    Berocca is a clinically proven drug that combines vitamins and minerals to help you regain your physical and mental alertness. Madicament not subject to medical prescription.
    Effervescent tablets. Orange taste. Sugar free.
    From 15 years old.
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  • Baume arôma - 100g of cream - MAYOLY-SPINDLER

    Adjunctive local treatment of pain of muscle origin and tendino-ligament.
    Starting from 7 years old.
    Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.
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  • OSCILLOCOCCINUM Laboratoire Boiron


    Winter diseases : Fever, chills, headache, body aches, flu symptoms
    OSCILLOCOCCINUM shortens the duration of flu symptoms.
    During the period of influenza exposure, administration once a week may reduce the intensity of these symptoms.
    Available in 2 formats : box of 6 doses and box of 30 doses.

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  • VoltarenActigo 2% gel - 30g - GSK



    Benign trauma, sprain (strain), contusion
    VoltarenActigo 2% intense gel containing 2% diclofenac locally fights pain.
    Diclofenac penetrates through the skin and provides relief from pain.
    Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription.
    Adult and teenager from 15 years old. Do not use with pregnant women.
    VoltarenActigo 2% intense gel is available in 30g tube.
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  • Anti-ticks - repellent skin adults-children -...


    Anti-tick protection for the whole family (from 24 months).
    Insect Screen anti-ticks is a powerful body repellent : it offers effective and immediate protection against ticks and it is in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

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  • Elixir de vinaigre des 4 voleurs 500ml Maison...


    Active formula and synergy of 11 biological active ingredients notoriously known and used for its antiseptic, invigorating and stimulating virtues. Ideal for the whole family, "vinaigre des 4 voleurs" is a must for your medicine cabinet.

    This product is formulated on plants from organic farming.

    logo qualité france.jpg   sastisfation-guarantie_ sans dentelle .png   fabrication formulation française.png

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  • Test gluten Exacto - BIOSYNEX


    EXACTO Gluten Test is an easy-to-use, reliable and home-based self-test for initial screening for celiac disease.

    Exclusively in Pharmacy.

    Shipping within 15 days
  • Voltarenplast 1% - GSK


    Pain can impact your daily life. VoltarenPlast provides effective pain relief. Left in place for 12 hours, VoltarenPlast releases its active ingredient gradually to relieve pain while remaining discreet thanks to its thickness of only 1 mm.
    It does not stain clothes and is convenient to use since it is extensible and self-adhesive on all its surface.
    1 box contains 5 medicated plasters. Not before 16 years old.
    Not for use by pregnant women.
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  • Performerect LES 3 CHENES


    Performerect Les 3 Chenes stimulates libido, relaxes muscles and promotes erection.
    With Performerect, find an improved erection and stimulated libido.
    Performerect is a natural food supplement formulated with plants.

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  • Myleugyne egg LP 150mg IPRAD


    Myleugyne LP 150 mg from Iprad laboratory is available in a box of 1 prolonged-release egg.
    Formulated with econazole nitrate, with antifungal and antibacterial properties, Myleugyne LP 150mg is recommended for the local treatment of mycosis of the vulva and vagina (diseases caused by microscopic fungi) sometimes superinfected.
    Myleugyne LP 150 mg is a medicine not subject to prescription.

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  • Mitosyl change - protective cream 145g SANOFI


    Mitosyl change is a protective cream which protects the baby's seat from the discomfort caused by wearing a diaper (urine, stool, rubbing), and which prevents redness of the skin.

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  • GavisconPro - 10 sachets - Reckitt Benckiser

    GasvisconPro is a medicine made up of 1000 mg of sodium alginate and 200 mg of potassium bicarbonate per sachet.
    GavisconPro is the only sachet to contain 1000 mg of sodium alginate for rapid and lasting action against heartburn and acid reflux.
    GavisconPro forms a protective layer, which floating above the contents of the stomach. This layer avoids acid reflux in the esophagus; which relieves heartburn.
    Mint flavor and sugar-free
    GavisconPro is a drug not subject to medical prescription.
    Product available for orders
  • Gavisconell tablets RECKITT BENCKISER

    Gavisconell tablets RECKITT BENCKISER is a medicine indicated to treat symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux, such as acid reflux, heartburn, and difficult digestion (related to reflux).
    Gavisconell taste a mint, is sugar-free and gluten-free.
    Gavisconell is a medicine not subject to medical prescription.
    Product available for orders

    Adjunctive treatment of diarrhea, in addition to dietary measures.

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