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  • Carmega-3 - 80 capsules - YVERY


    Carmega-3 from Yvery laboratory contributes to the normal functioning of the heart and brain.
    Carmega-3 is a dietary supplement based on Omega 3, rich in DHA and EPA.

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  • CurmiFlash - 30 caps - Yvery


    CurmiFlash is a dietary supplement based on turmeric longa without the addition of piperine. Its formula is patented.
    Turmeric Longa is a root with recognized properties.
    Gastrointestinal protector and powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric is especially recommended for seniors and athletes.
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  • Reglu28 - well-being of the woman cycle - Yvery


    Reglu28 is a dietary supplement based on evening primrose and borage, to be taken during the second part of the menstrual cycle.
    Evening primrose and borage have been cold pressed to extract an oil of optimal quality enriched with omega 6.
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  • Resveratrol - 60 caps - Yvery


    Well-being: powerful antioxidant action to preserve your cardiovascular system.
    Also decreases the production of melanin in addition to anti-brown spots treatment.
    Patented formula based on resveratrol a substance of the family of polyphenols.
    This product is a food supplement whose unique formula is patented.

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