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List of products by brand Nutergia

  • Acerol C - NUTERGIA


    Acerol C Nutergia is a supplement containing 120mg of natural vitamin C per tablet.
    It is particularly indicated :

    • for a vitality regain,
    • a deficiency in a vitamin C (for example at the change of season).

    Natural orange flavor.
    2 sizes available: 15 or 60 tablets.

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  • ERGY 3 Laboratoire Nutergia


    ERGY 3 is a dietary supplement formulated with an original combination of wild fish oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) which at a dose of 250 mg per day support normal heart function.

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  • Ergy D - Nutergia Quick view
    • -€0.80

    Ergy D - Nutergia

    €11.37 €10.57

    Ergy D Nutergia is a supplement based on vitamin D3 from lanolin, a natural substance.
    Vitamin D is indicated :

    • during winter season and lack of sunshine,
    • for growing children,
    • for bone maintenance (senior, menopause).

    Ergy D has a neutral flavor.

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  • ERGYBASE Nutergia Laboratory


    Dietary supplement based on alkali salts and zinc.

    To be taken for : 

    • diet low in fruit and vegetables, hyper-protein diet
    • acid-alkali imbalance
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  • ERGYBIOL Laboratoire Nutergia


    ERGYBIOL is a dietary supplement based on seawater from the Salins du Midi and French lithothamne extract, sources of minerals and trace elements.
    Improved formula for better tolerance.
    Suitable for:

    • general well-being
    • seasonal supplementation
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    Dietary supplement based on Hawthorns, Hoarhound, Lemon Balm and Trace Elements.

    Suitable for : 

    • difficulty getting to sleep
    • waking up during the night
    • malaise

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    Ergycebe Nutergia is a supplement based on 12 vitamins, zinc and chromium.
    Ergycebe is indicated in the event of decreased vitality and / or chronic fatigue to compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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  • ERGYCRANBERRYL urinary discomfort Laboratoire...


    Food supplement based on Cranberry, Hibiscus, Solidago, Heather, Horsetail, trace elements.
    Suitable for urinary comfort

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  • ERGYDESMODIUM Laboratoire Nutergia


    Ergydesmodium is an oral solution of the Nutergia Laboratory based on desmodium adscendens and trace elements.
    Ergydesmodium promotes liver function thanks to desmodium. The trace elements complement this formula rich in selenium that helps protect cells against oxidative stress.
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  • ERGYDETOX 60 capsules Laboratoire Nutergia


    A dietary supplement based on plants, sulphur compounds, B vitamins and trace elements.

    Suitable for :

    • detoxification
    • renal elimination
    • to stimulate liver and biliary elimination

    fabrication%20formulation%20franc%CC%A7aise.pngcertification afnor Nutergia.jpg 

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    Dietary supplement based on Artichoke, Black radish, Rosemary, Burdock and Trace Elements.


    • To be taken for : 
    • slow and poor digestion

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  • ERGYDRAINE 250ml Nutergia Quick view
    • -15%

    ERGYDRAINE 250ml Nutergia

    €15.50 -15% €13.17

    Ergydraine from Nutergia laboratory is an oral solution containing meadowsweet, artichoke, cassis, sapwood linden, trace elements.

    Suitable for:

    • detoxify, support the elimination functions of the body
    • facilitate weight loss
    • to the changes of seasons (spring, autumn)

    certification afnor Nutergia.jpg

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  • ERGYEPUR Laboratoire Nutergia


    Dietary supplement based on Milk Thistle, Desmodium, Artichoke, Boldo and Trace Elements.

    Suitable for : 

    • hepato-bilary problems (slow digestion, dull complexion, etc.)
    • detoxification

      certification afnor Nutergia.jpg   

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  • Ergymag NUTERGIA Quick view
    • -€2.45

    Ergymag NUTERGIA

    €18.39 €15.94

    Ergymag Nutergia is a supplement based on magnesium, vitamin B and zinc.
    Ergymag is specifically dosed to provide a large amount of magnesium to the body.
    It is particularly indicated in the event of. :

    • magnesium deficiency
    • physical and nervous fatigue

    2 formats available: 45 or 90 capsules.

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  • ERGYMUNYL drinkable solution Laboratoire Nutergia


    Dietary supplement based on Echinacea, Achilles, Plantain, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Olive and trace elements.
    Suitable for:

    • support the immune system (ideal at the changing seasons in spring and fall to prepare for winter)
    • respiratory tracts
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  • ERGYNATAL - maternity - Laboratoire Nutergia


    ERGYNATAL is a food supplement with vitamins and minerals.
    For who ?

    • for woman in desire of pregnancy
    • for pregnant woman
    • for young mother and breastfeeding woman
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    Ergyphilus Confort Nutergia is a probiotic supplement containing 5 strains of revivable lactic ferments dosed at 6 billion per capsule.
    It helps maintain the balance of the intestinal flora (also called intestinal microbiota). It promotes intestinal well-being.

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    Food supplement containing lactic
    L. rhamnosus GG, L. fermentum and B. infantis

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  • Ergyphilus intima NUTERGIA


    Ergyphilus Intima Nutergia is a supplement indicated for urinary comfort.
    It acts on the microbiota and urinary comfort.
    It is composed of 5 living lactobacillus and bifidobacteria revivable strains, dosed at 6 billion per capsule (not micro-encapsulated).
    This product is gluten free, soy free, titanium dioxide free.

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    • -€2.00


    €19.72 €17.72

    Dietary supplement based on 4 strains of revivable lactic ferment dosed at 6 billion per capsule.

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    ERGYPROSTA 60 tablets from NUTERGIA is a dietary supplement containing herbs and active plant ingredients, vitamins and trace elements. This natural and complete formula will improve your comfort.

    Suitable for :

    • Prostate
    • Urinary comfort
    • Masculine well-being

    Ergyprosta is recommended for the maintenance of good prostatic and urinary functions, as well as for a better sleep and the maintenance of the libido. You will gradually feel an improvement in your quality of life.


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  • ERGYPROTECT CONFORT Laboratoire Nutergia


    Food supplement Fiber, Clay, Turmeric and Chamomile.

    Suitable for : 

    • digestive discomfort, notably stress related

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  • ERGYSPORT RECUP - 60 capsules - Laboratoire...


    Dietary supplement based on magnesium, calcium and B vitamins.
    Indicated for :

    • physical and nervous fatigue
    • cramp and stiffness (magnesium)


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  • ERGYSTRESS ACTIV Laboratoire Nutergia


    ERGYSTRESS ACTIV is a food supplement for:

    • cope with the stress of the moment
    • reduction of fatigue
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  • ERGYSTRESS SEREN Nutergia Laboratory


    Food supplement based on:

    • rhodiola
    • B vitamins
    • L-tryptophan

    Ergystress Seren is recommended in cases of

    • emotional imbalance
    • sweet urges, smoking cessation
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  • ERGYTOL – Nutergia Quick view
    • -€1.50

    ERGYTOL – Nutergia

    €12.94 €11.44

    Ergytol - Nutergia is a natural supplement against headaches, stiffness, painful periods, strokes.
    It can also be indicated in case of pain in the digestive system, respiratory tract.
    Reserved to adults.

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  • Mycokyl - 90 tablets - Kousmine Fondation -...


    Food supplement based on Garlic, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Essential Oils.
    Suitable for : intestinal defense

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  • OLIGOMAX Magnesium - Laboratoire Nutergia


    Food supplement based on seawater Salins du Midi and French lithothamne extract, sources of minerals and trace elements.
    Improved formula for better tolerance.
    Suitable for:

    • fatigue
    • nervous system
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  • OLIGOMAX zinc - silicium 150ml Nutergia


    Oligomax zinc - silicium from Nutergia laboratory is a dietary supplement based on sodium-free concentrated sea water, standardised extract of french lithothamnium, sources of minerals and trace elements.
    Suitable for :

    • acid-alkali balance
    • joint comfort
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    Vectiregyl Nutergia is a food supplement based on L-methionine, L-lysine, L-cysteine, vitamin A and zinc.
    Suitable for:

    • the maintenance of the skin, nails or hair ... (zinc, vit. A),
    • maintaining a smooth skin.
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