New products
New products

Elixir & Co, specialist in the production of Bach Flowers® since 1993.
The flower essences of Bach® Flowers are hand-crafted from picking sites located throughout France. They are all controlled and certified organic by Ecocert.
All Elixir & Co ranges are made exclusively in France.
Elixir & Co strictly respects the original method of manufacture developed by Dr. Bach.

The range Elixir & Co was developed in order to make it accessible to the greatest number, by creating elixirs, rolls-on, etc ...

  • The rolls-on are unique in the aromatherapy market.

They are the unique combination of Bach flowers and organic essential oils. The formulation is certified organic by Ecocert.
Their pocket size is convenient, you can take them everywhere with you. It is also fun to facilitate their use.

  • The Bach Flower range for animals has been developed in collaboration with a veterinarian. The four elixirs formulated respond to the four main types of emotions. This range is also certified organic by Ecocert.
  • Also born from this collaboration is a room fragrance for animals for immediate comfort (also certified organic by Ecocert).
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