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  • KIJIMEA DERMA 14 sachets


    Kijimea Derma contains three active ingredients that contribute to healthy skin.

    Kijimea Derma contains the specific L. salivarius FG01 microculture. Scientific studies have shown that microcultures of L. salivarius significantly reduce skin disorders such as eczema, itching and sensitive skin problems.

    Kijimea Derma also contains riboflavin and biotin, which help maintain normal skin. The combination of these three active ingredients actively supports the physiological stability and good health of the epidermis.

    Kijimea Derma also contains fruco-oligo-saccharides (FOS), inulin and choline which contribute to normal lipid absorption, an important function of the intestinal mucosa.

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  • VECTIREGYL 60 gélules NUTERGIA Quick view
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    Vectiregyl Nutergia is a food supplement based on L-methionine, L-lysine, L-cysteine, vitamin A and zinc.
    Suitable for:

    • the maintenance of the skin, nails or hair ... (zinc, vit. A),
    • maintaining a smooth skin.
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  • Hair and nail cure - 90 capsules - NATURACTIVE


    Resulting from research Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Naturactive Hair & Nails contains plant extracts, vitamins and minerals for the beauty of your hair and nails.
    This product contains 2 boxes of 45 capsules each for 3 months cure.

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  • Revivifiable beer yeast - 90 capsules - DAYANG


    Beer yeast contributes to the beauty of nails and hair.
    Beer yeast revivable at 445 mg per capsule.
    This product is a dietary supplement.

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